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An essay is something that we right to explain all the details and complete pros and cons of a topic. It is actually an assignment given to some to put all the required information asked according to the topic. 1000 words writing an essay means to give a handsome and attractive form to the details of a topic provided to the writer. Essays mostly represent the ideas of the information given to the writer about the topic.

It elaborates the information provided by the reader and the order in which some technical information which reader wants to know about that. Your essay writing style must be so unique that it attracts the reader and has changed the original style of the topic maker. The beauty of your writing style is that the topic looks new and the information also provided in it must have unique wording in it. Essay writing is an art actually that contains all the specified information in it with unique styling and proper formatting as well.

The essay consists of different parts, which makes it accurate and precise according to the criteria made for writing an Essay. The first and the most important point needs to be must be fulfilled by the author is the selection of a "Topic”. Atopic which writer chooses for the essay writing must be relevant to the work assigned to him/her. The irrelevant topic should be avoided for essay writing because they just waste the time of writer as well. The reader sometimes may not be interested in that topic but somehow they have to read it to gain information about their related topic.

Sometimes a task is assigned to you but you are not provided by the topic from the writer. Then in that situation, you have to do a little extra effort to think of a topic according to the material given to the writer. The topic must highlight the material relevantly otherwise, your efforts of writing that essay must be got wasted. This also gives you an opportunity as well that you will right according to your own choice. This makes you comfortable and more efficient in your working. If you are given a topic related to the educatio0n field or sports or any other field always choose a topic with unique words, which highlight that field immediately and properly.

After selection of the topic, you must first make an outline of the topic. The outline of a topic helps you and reader also to identify the main theme and ideas presented in the essay by the writer. The outline must have those main words or lines that will introduce the reader exactly by the to the point topic and discussions in the essay. Your outline must include two parts a swell. One must be the reflection of the topic and other must be the reflection of the information you are going to explain in the essay.

You must make a rough sketch before you are going to write the original wording in the essay. Putting your rough sketch into paper helps you make a connection between the relevant and irrelevant information related to your topic. When you start writing your outline, you must consider your evaluated rough words and compile them to make it a neat and relevant file or the number of paragraphs according to the required topic assigned by someone. Proper outlining gives a precise and proper shape to the essay to make it attractive.

After writing the outline and the topic of your essay, you must make a statement that reflects your topic completely. That is also called as the Thesis statement. This statement will explain the reader about the main point of your essay, which you were going to explain it in the essay. The thesis statement must be précised and to the point of view explained further in the complete essay. Your thesis statement must be short and to the point. Avoid using long and common words, which do not attract the reader towards it. 

Next, comes the main part of the essay, which is the Body of an essay. The body of the essay contains all the main and important points, which can be essential regarding the information provided to the reader. The body of the essay must possess all the A to Z discussion about the topic written on the top of the essay. The body of the essay must be in detail that it can cover all the aspects of the topic. The outline, which you mentioned in the start, must be explained briefly in the essay because the reader will demand all the mentioned information to read the essay by the writer. 

The body of the essay must have all the essential data if required according to the topic mentioned in the essay. Sometimes you are given a topic to write the essay on the topic of nay-mathematical conclusions. Then all the figures and data needed to give a complete look to that conclusion must be provided by the writer so that the hard work of the writer must not be gat wasted. The writer should examine the topic carefully so that it covers all the main heading, points and required material in it.

The length of the essay may not be too much wide and vast so that the reader may get bored by reading the essay even it contains its relevant information in it. A writer must write short sentences in the form of short paragraphs so that it can easily be made interesting for the reader while reading that essay for the need of gathering information according to its requirements. Now moving to the next part your essay must contain the introduction or abstract. The introduction or Abstract is the overall view of the essay at the ending point of the essay.

Your Abstract must be attractive to the reader and focuses all the main ideas and theme of the essay you are going to explain in the essay to the reader. You can use a shocking sentence, an inverted comma and a punctuation as well to get your introduction attracted in the reader’s eyes. An abstract must include all the essential and main points of the essay. You can also use a famous dialogue and an attractive and famous quote of any famous personality as well which will attract your skills towards the reader. Your grammar, writing style and use of verbs and tenses must be accurate and according to the requirements so that writer will get impressed by your writing style and writing skills by praising your work.

Here comes the last but not the least point of writing an attractive essay, which is the Conclusion. The conclusion of the essay must have all the main and foremost points of the whole essay that you explained in your writing of an essay. Your conclusion should sum up all the basic and essential headings, headlines, or subtitles of the essay that you find important to mention in the conclusion of your essay. The conclusion must not be too much longer that reader starts thinking that they are reading another essay in that essay. These points will make your essay writing skills great and efficient.

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