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Marketing Plan of Nina’s Bucks for Business Takeout Improvements




Table of Contents

Improve take-out business at Blakely location. 2

Nina’s Bucks Promotion. 2

Phone numbers on the bills for both locations as opposed to fake serial numbers. 2

Stipulations for use on back. 2

Expiration date. 2

Increase Delivery Hours. 3

Later Delivery Hours on Friday. 3

Should be able to get delivery until closing time – 4 p.m. cut off too early. 3

Specials and deals available with delivery only. 4

Free order of wing bites on orders over $?. 4

Free 2 liter of soda on orders over $?. 4

$?? Nina’s Bucks with every delivery order. 5

Free Delivery or Free Delivery on orders over $$. 5

Delivery shenanigans. 5

Delivery person wearing funny chicken hat or chicken head hat 6

Delivery person does chicken dance when delivering. 6

Nina’s Delivers” instead of “We Deliver” on Facebook page “. 7

Lunch Delivery specials. 7

Delivery from the food truck. 8

References. 8

Marketing Plan for Business Takeout Improvements

Improve take-out business at Blakely location

Nina’s Bucks Promotion

Phone numbers on the bills for both locations as opposed to fake serial numbers

Delivery services for customers at Blakely location will contain the phone numbers on bills. Mentioning the phone numbers on the bills are vital for this business as customers can contact in case of any inconvenience. Nina is looking forward to have feedback from customers in order to observe the efficiency in delivery services for customers. Customers usually face difficulties to get the right numbers of different business on Websites and social media therefore mentioning the numbers on bills as a strong purpose to oppose those fake numbers that can harm the business. (Bernstein, 1990)

Stipulations for use on back

Stipulations are necessary to manage the restaurant business. This is vital for customers to understand the terms and conditions while paying the bills. These terms and conditions will be written on the back of the bills. Deliverymen will convince the recipients to turn the bill and read all stipulations to evade the barriers at the time of payments. Time requirements, emergency cases, billing conditions and other expected consequences will be elaborated to avoid the impaired delivery services.

Stipulations on the back of bill are good for customers for further proceedings. Guiding the customers is the first priority for this company to have immense customers. Customers will know about the company and all rules, as he will order just according to the instructions and mentioned rules. Different advertisements on media channels and social media sites will also contain these stipulations. (Best, 2010)

Expiration date

This is good for delivery business like this that it must contain the expiration date of delivery. This is important for a business to mention the expiry date or time of pizzas, hoagies and chicken wings on their delivery packs. The most important thing is to evade the customers from eating impaired food. This is an important part of marketing, as it will create a good image of Nina’s business.  This is necessary for restaurant business that it must elaborate expiry dates of delivery. It happens some time when a customer does not response after ordering something. These terms and conditions regarding delivery expiry are well reserved to evade the inconvenience. (Drell, 2011)

Increase Delivery Hours

Increasing the delivery hours of food items fir customers on particular days is the good tool to position better in the customer’ s mind. People will perceive the company as the best service provider to satisfy their hunger at the time of need. Increase delivery hours will satisfy the customers with the services are well. This is normal when a customer makes an urgent plan to gather with friends and family and enjoy some meal. These delivery hours are best choice for this business for creating the positive image of help. Customers will surprise when he get the fastest delivery of food in late hours. (, 2015)

Later Delivery Hours on Friday

Friday night is the best choice as weekend is right at the corner. This is a general perception that people prefers these food on weekends to save their time and have a nice meal with their friend and family. It will be advertised and promoted well in the different media channels in order to aware the people regarding this service. Later delivery hours will cause of competitive advantage on other similar businesses. It will also increase the profitability, which is great for salespersons or deliverymen to take compensations regarding overtime. (HEBER, 2015)

Should be able to get delivery until closing time – 4 p.m. cut off too early

Marketing plan will improvise with delivery times for customers. For retaining the goodwill and good image in the minds of customers, this is important to serve them too early before the delivery time. This will surprise the customers, as they will get their order in very short period. In this marketing plan, business will decide to provide the exceptional tools like transport, communication devices and advance tracker systems in order to meet the customers as early as possible. All these elements are to market in media channels but implementation will also matter. (MILLER, 2013)

Delivery person will use effective and fastest ways of transportation to meet the customers as early as possible. They can cover more delivery orders in minimum time and increase the transactions per day. Nina business is doing efforts to sustain the delivery process after the closing time is well. Their main purpose is to cover maximum customers and build the loyal relations with them.

Specials and deals available with delivery only

Now, we can talk about special deals, which will be available with the delivery only. This is a differentiation process, which will provide an extra advantage regarding sales and profitability. This is good to retain the difference in the customers who are enjoying the meal at restaurants and in homes. Customers in homes will get extra benefit with special deals, as it will be used as a trait to promote the products and encourage them to make furthers buying decisions. However, this marketing plan is not designed to create the negative difference in the customers, as people sitting in the restaurants will also have attractive deals. (MILLER, 2013)

Free order of wing bites on orders over $?

In case of wings bites, Nina’s marketing plan will play with deals and orders to increase the good image and profitability. Order of over 70 dollars will initiate a further offer for the customers. If a customers’ orders pizzas, hoagies and other salads, which are assumed over 50 dollars then he also, can order wings bites as free. This will according the wish of customer as if he wants these wings bites with his meal or not. This is also a good trait, which can help them to be different from other delivery service providers. If a customer likes this free order, over 70 dollars then he will make repetitive buying decisions. (Pipes, 2014)

Free 2 liter of soda on orders over $?

If a customer intends to order over 25 dollars then he will get a free 2-liter soda. Customers can enjoy with this extra benefit with meal. This is a general perception that drinks increases the mouth taste with pizzas, hoagies and other fast food products. This will encourage the customer to order more and more food to get more litters of soda. This is to mention that these free liters of soda will increase with amount of orders by the customers. For example, if a customer orders the foods of 60 dollars then he can get 4 liters of soda with them. This will increase respectively as customers will no need to spend extra money of drinks. This will be a kind of deal for customers when they suppose to gather. (, 2013)

$?? Nina’s Bucks with every delivery order

Nina’s bucks with every delivery dollars are prominent in this particular marketing plan. They have an effective planning to facilitate the easy ordering process. They will go online to take the order, as it is quite easy for the customers. Apart with this, traditional methods like calling through phones and personal appearance for later deliveries are also good to consider in this marketing plan. Nina will do extra efforts top develop the system in which customers can text to the restaurants. They have a plan to develop the different apps, which are expected as popular in teen agers and young adults.

Free Delivery or Free Delivery on orders over $$

They have decided to offer free delivery to customers when they order over 100 dollars. This is a perfect decision for this business as it can retain the goodwill and increase the good image in the minds of the customers. Customer who is ordering over 100 dollar things from business is always valuable for them. This transaction in this business is profitable and that is why they are going to provide free deliveries. This is a right choice for Nina to offer free delivers as it can increase the sales and customers. Definitely, customers and company are expected to get benefits from this free delivery process. (Bernstein, 1990)

This trend is now increasing as customers are exercising the free delivery from different companies. It is a new business therefore; management cannot let customers to get everything free. They have to get a strong position and brand image in the market and then move forwards to these associations.

Delivery shenanigans

Delivery shenanigans are effective and interesting tools to consider in the delivery services. This can also be included in differentiation process. Purpose of these shenanigans is to attract customer while receiving the foods at home. Creating interesting for customers always leads towards the increased sales and better positioning. Customers will have fun with the delivery persons at their doorstep, which will increase the better customer experience. Following are prominent delivery shenanigans fir Nina. (Pipes, 2014)

Delivery person wearing funny chicken hat or chicken head hat

This is interesting choice to attract the customers. It is a fine way of marketing in which a customer can perceive the lighter aspect of the company. This is decided in the marketing plan that Delivery person will wear a funny chicken hat or chicken hand. Wearing a chicken hat or hand may be very interesting for children and young adults to have fun during the meal. This is also good for company to build healthy and lighter relationships with customers, as it is another way to increase the sales. (HEBER, 2015)

Customers will miss those hilarious moments with delivery persons and call them again to have fun and taste. Another aspect of this interesting choice is that delivery person can build the personal relations with the children at home, as they will intend their parents to call for meal again. This is effective, creative and improvised strategy, which is considered in the marketing plan to gain the success in sales. (, 2015)

Delivery person does chicken dance when delivering

This same choice can be considered in this effective marketing plan. This is decided in this marketing plan that delivery person will dance when delivering. Purpose is the same for this shenanigan to create the difference. This is very rare that a delivery person dance in front of the customers to attract them. Delivery persons of the company will be in limelight in the city for their meals and services. Despite having good quality and services, this is very important to leave some lighter moments for customers.

Delivery person will wear a funny dress and dance in front of the children and young adults to be in limelight, which is in the favor of company. This is marketing in which all people around the place will see a person and want to know the purpose. This purpose is actually the plan in this business. Nina business has a unique plan to make all types of customers happy with these kinds of service associations. In addition, company has a plan to increase the sales with these services associations and delivery persons have to play a prominent role in it. (Pearson, 2015)

Nina’s Delivers” instead of “We Deliver” on Facebook page “

They will market their products and services on social media sites. Facebook is very prominent in this regard, as they will make personal pages for their fans or customers. Customers will have all information on these social pages. They will be informed with all new deals, offers and associations. Apart with this, customers will have different questions are to ask from the social media management of the company. However, Nina business will get the feedback from the customers regarding pricing, services, deliveries, quality and taste. They can identify the problems and try to cover problems. (MILLER, 2013)

“Nina’s Delivers” sounds better than we deliver. Reasons behind these words are to make the difference from other competitors. It means that every business use the world of WE which looks normal. “Nina’s Delivers” mean that this business is having unique and different processes for customers with various associations like free orders, offers, deliveries, shenanigans and numerous liters of Soda.  This is a fact that millions of people are using social media sites in which face book is very prominent. They will have several pages of their company and promote their delivery services there. Nina’s delivers” sounds great, which will contain the effective difference from other competitors in the market. (Pearson, 2015)

Lunch Delivery specials

Lunch is a need of every human in this world. Nina business is looking forward to provide effective lunch delivery services. This is interesting choice for them to divide their customers in this particular case. They can divide the business people and employees in the different countries. Another customer base will be looking for the services at home. They are planning to make it possible that customers can get the lunch delivery on the time of lunch.

Their main purpose is to reduce the time between order and delivery especially in case of lunch. This business will hire the active and numerous delivery persons to get and deliver the order at the right time. Business people have to free in their breaks from lunch. In addition, this is important for this company to contain the stimulants on their web and social media pages. These stimulants will include the possible time spam between order and delivery to evade the frustrations in the customers in case of lateness. Different food packages with deals and offers mentioned above are decided to include in the special lunch offers. These special lunch offers are as follows (, 2013)

  • Strawberry Go Gury
  • Cup Cake & Hoagies
  • Organic Meals
  • Mozzarella String Cheese jelly beans and carrots

Delivery from the food truck

This may also be called as delivery on wheels. They have a perfect plan to deliver the goods through mobile phone trucks. This will help the company to take the goods at those places where customers have a wish to get. For example, if a customer wants a fresh food and does not like the time between order and delivery than this food truck services are the best choice fro them. This truck will have accessories to make the fresh foods at the spot and deliver to the customers. (Bernstein, 1990)

This trend is amazing and rising with the passage of time. Nina has decided to consider this option in its marketing plan. People will look forward to get these services, as it will be beneficial more for factory workers and business people who have no options to leave their places of jobs for lunch. This is an extra effort that this company is looking to do in the market for customers to get a competitive edge and increase profitability. All these plans of marketing are effective, workable and creative t sustain strongly in the market. Trend of takeout business is rising and success is not possible with creativity, improvisation and innovation in every aspect of business. (Brustein, 2015)



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