Analysis of Current Staffing system

Q: 1


UnitsHistorical Relationships/Current DataProjected Business Statistics for 2016Demand using Trend Analysis
Sales1 Casting Operator for $875,000 in sales$118,000,000135 casting operators for $118,000,000
Customer1 Casting Operator for 24 customers220092 casting operators for 2200 customers

Ratio Analysis


1casting operator for                          =                      875,000 sales

Ratio for $875000 sales                      =                      1.35: 875,000

Ratio for $118,000,000 sales              =                      182: 118,000,000


1 casting operator for             =                      24 ees

Ratio for 2200 customers       =                      124: 2200


            Estimate of demand using trend analysis will be used because according to trend analysis 135 casting operators are demanded which can result $118,000,000 forecasted sales of 2016 as compared to the ratio analysis 182 employees are required to for the sales of $118,000,000. Additionally, 92 casting operators are required for 2200 customers as per trend analysis whereas 124 casting operators are required for 2200 customers as per ratio analysis. The 3.5% growth would be calculated by (1+0.35) where the growth in employees would be estimated as 1.35 ees where for 24 customers          it would be 1.35: 24.

The reason for selecting the trend analysis as the proper estimation of demand is that, the more number of casting operators are employed the more wages they would have to be paid and the overhead cost will be increased as a result.

Q: 2

As per transition probability matrix the supply for casting operator is estimated as 66 out of 110 casting operators will be working as casting operators, whereas 16.5 casting operators have the chance to be shifted as coating operators and 0 casting operators will be shifted to finishing operator. Additionally, 3.3 casting operators will be working as shift supervisors. 24.2 casting operators will leave the job of casting operators and will shift to another workplace.

Q: 3

            Gap analysis between demand and supply

Demand suing trend        Demand using ratio                  Supply

Casting employees’                135  ees                       182                                    85.8

Largest Gap                                        182-85.8                      =                      96.2

Smallest Gap  135-85.8                      =                      49.2

Thus, we will be understaffed because demand is greater than supply.

Q: 4

Qualified Applicants (184)Hired (61)

Converting numbers into percentage

Qualified Applicants (184)Hired (61)Not hiredPercentage hiredPercentage not hired

– The highest Percentage of hired group is minority

-By multiplying the value of minority percentage to 80% or 4/5

            75% * 80%     = 60%

Thus, all groups such as male, female and non-minority that fall under the hired percentage of 60% has violated with the rule of 4/5 rule indicating the violation to 4/5 rule.

Q: 5

        AAP is the action plan or tool used by the management to give equal employment opportunities to all groups. IDI-Mobile in this respect is not properly using its AAP application in the organization. The reason for this is that it is not complying with the 4/5 rules and hiring the higher number of minority in its employees as compared to the other groups. Therefore, company should revise its AAP action plan for minority and set a goal for effective utilization of external labor market.

Q: 6

            At IDI mobile the company should give consideration to implement a team of recruiting professionals who are responsible for hiring from sourcing the right candidates to all interactions with the candidates from sources to start date. Additionally, company should maintain a behind the scenes team who will be responsible for event scheduling, entering data into the HR profile of the company and payroll system, resulting in business continuity. All the professional who are responsible for recruiting and the administration team should be partnered together and must be assigned to business units.

Q: 7

       The shift supervisor and the HR staff member are responsible for conducting the unstructured interview and they select the candidate to be appropriated for the position and the shift supervisor gives the final decision. The candidates for the final interview are selected by the inappropriate members who don’t even have knowledge about the recruitment and selection process. Therefore, somehow the candidates who have no skills and expertise in relation to the position of casting operator can be selected as well as the candidates who have proper skills could be rejected because the unstructured interview run on the basis of “ get along well” with others strategy. This should be taken into consideration by the HR professionals because the suitable candidates must be hired to give the longer term success of the IDI mobile.

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