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Antique Store in the Midtown Miami

Marketing Research: Antique Store in the Midtown Miami

This paper has been written to understand the marketing and research needed for an antique store in Midtown Miami area where the owner has entered into an agreement of three-year lease of 4000 square feet, which is equal to $4000 per month. Now owner does not have the inventory and to raise the inventory he has planned to attend the auctions throughout the state. In the marketing discipline, four P’s are very important which are also applicable with the scenario of antique store in this paper.

There are two aspects where one is related with the retail store and second is related with auction opportunities. In this paper, antique retail store have been discussed in context of four P’s so that the understanding of marketing mix components can be possible. There was much appreciation for acquiring top marketing expert position in Midtown Miami Area. The wonderful bonuses driven while getting the expertise of you would initiate the improvement and wellbeing of Antique Store and Company.  The business would prove to lay out guidelines for future endeavors of the store in making it a booming business for the company in terms of internal programs as well as for the customers. The business idea would hypothetical in a way to attain future development.

The significance of the marketing research would utilize learning purposes, which is a critical element in good business decision. The market research allows the investors an upper hand in clear path for them. The marketing research would allow the companies to have firm policies for entering into new markets and offering new products. The market research proves less risky for the marketing heads for selecting more than one option.  The significant key in decision making by the businesses regarding place and product of the business is provided from the marketing research. 

In each industry, getting the attention of the shopper and making it simple for her to purchase it is the primary point of a decent appropriation or "place" methodology. Retailers pay a premium for the right area. Actually, the mantra of an effective retail business is 'area, area, area'. Promotion alludes to every one of the exercises attempted to make the product or administration known not client and exchange. This can incorporate promoting, informal, press reports, motivators, commissions and recompenses to the exchange. It can likewise incorporate purchaser plans, direct highlighting, challenges and prizes (Manktelow & Carlson, 2015).

Every one component of promotion blends the influences on one another. They make up the strategy for success of an organization can give it awesome achievement. Nevertheless, take care of wrong and the business could take years to recuperate. The advertising blend needs a considerable measure of comprehension, statistical surveying and meeting with a few individuals, from clients to exchange to producing and a few others.

Place alludes to the conveyance channel of a product. On the off chance that a product is a customer product, it should be accessible as everywhere as could reasonably be expected. Then again, if the product is a Premium buyer product, it will be accessible just in select stores. Thus, if the product is a business product, you require a group who interfaces with organizations and makes the product accessible to them. Therefore, the place where the product is disseminated relies on upon the product and estimating choices, and any STP choices taken by a firm.

The first thing would be required, in the event that you need to begin a business, is a product. In this way, Product is additionally the first variable in the advertising blend. Product choices are the first choices you have to take before making any advertising arrangement. Product alludes to the thing really being sold. The product must convey a base level of execution; generally, even the best work on alternate components of the advertising blend will not benefit any. A product can be separated into three sections, the center product, the expanded product and the tertiary product. Before settling on the product part there are a few inquiries, which you have to ask yourself.

It relies on upon expenses of production, portion focused on, capacity of the business sector to pay, supply - interest and a large group of other immediate and backhanded elements. There can be a few sorts of evaluating systems, each tied in with a general strategy for success. Estimating can likewise be utilized a boundary, to separate and upgrade the picture of a product. Product alludes to the thing really being sold. The product must convey a base level of execution; generally, even the best work on alternate components of the advertising blend will not benefit any.

In view of these inquiries, a few product choices must be made. These product choices will thusly influence alternate variables of the promoting blend. For instance – You dispatch an auto with is to have the most astounding quality. Consequently, the valuing, promotions and setting would need to be changed as needs be. In this manner the length of you don’t know your product, you can't choose whatever other variable of the showcasing blend. In any case, if the product elements are not fitting in the advertising blend, you can change the product such that it discovers a place for itself in the promoting blend (Duermyer, 2015).

Significant thought in valuing is the costing of the product, the publicizing and advertising costs, any variances in the business sector, dissemination costs and so on. A large number of these components can change independently. Accordingly, the estimating must be such that it can hold up under the brunt of changes for a sure timeframe. This alludes to the quality that is put for a product. It relies on upon expenses of production, portion focused on, capacity of the business sector to pay, supply - interest and a large group of other immediate and backhanded elements. There can be a few sorts of evaluating systems, each tied in with a general strategy for success. Estimating can likewise be utilized a boundary, to separate and upgrade the picture of a product. Nonetheless, if every one of these variables changes, then the valuing of a product must be expanded and diminished appropriately.

Alongside the above components, there are likewise different things, which must be taken in thought when choosing a valuing system. Rivalry can be the best case. Likewise, valuing additionally influences the focusing on and situating of a product. Evaluating is utilized for deals promotions as a part of the type of exchange rebates. In this way taking into account these variables there are a few valuing methodologies, one of which is executed for the showcasing blend (Ehmke, Fulton, & Lusk, 2015).

Appropriation has a tremendous influence on the benefit of a product. Consider a FMCG organization, which has national dissemination for its product. An increment in petrol rates by 10 Dollars will actually achieve extreme changes in the productivity of the organization. Along these lines inventory network and logistics choices are considered as imperative costing choices of the firm. The firm needs a full confirmation logistics and store network arrangement for its conveyance (cim, 2015).

Promotions in the showcasing blend incorporate the complete coordinated marketing communications, which thusly incorporates ATL and BTL publicizing and deals promotions. Promotions are needy a ton on the product and evaluating choice. What is the monetary allowance for promoting and publicizing? What stage is the product in? On the off chance that the product is very new in the business sector, it needs mark/product mindfulness promotions, though if the product is as of now existing then it will need brand review promotions (Singh, 2012).

Along these lines as we see from the above chart, all the four variables of advertising blend are entomb related and influence one another. By expanding the evaluating of the product, interest of the product may reduce, and lesser conveyance focuses may be required. Then again, the product USP can be such that most extreme focus is on making brand mindfulness, along these lines expanding need of better evaluating and more promotions.

Promotions likewise choose the division focusing on and situating of the product. The right sorts of promotions influence the various three variables – the product, and place. On the off chance that the promotions are compelling, you may need to expand dissemination focuses, you may get the opportunity to build the product because of the rising brand value of the product, and the benefit may bolster you in propelling considerably more products. Nevertheless, the monetary allowance required for broad promotions is additionally high. Promotions are considered as highlighting costs and the same should be taken in thought while choosing the costing of the product.


As noted above the area and place for the antique retail store is Midtown Miami area, it is good place for promoting the business of antiques as visitors, and tourists regularly visit this area. The importance of place can be determined with the fact that $4000 has been allocated as the monthly-leased amount for the store. Overall, the purpose of the paper is to highlight what marketing mix of antique store is and what is the purpose of place of store. It is concluded that these four P has set the criteria to follow in a way, which is appropriate to get the desired results of marketing campaign. It is recommended that place should be integrated and aligned with marketing efforts so that maximum output from them can be achieved.



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