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Apple benefit achieve with Corporate Social Responsibility

Apple benefit achieve with Corporate Social responsibility


Apple is one-step ahead for invest in the corporate social Responsibility so Apple is the first company launch the environmental complain. Apple has been the first one to transform it into the core mission is invest in the corporate social responsibility and the apple goal is to sustainability better  the company invest in the corporate social responsibility because the create the loyalty and built the trust in community that are very beneficial for the achieve the growth. The apple sale will continues increase and Apple spend the money in the corporate social responsibility and worked in R&D so the aimed the MNEs to invest in the social responsibility spend some profit to the community and it is the right of the community. Therefore, the Apple worked in the R& D that is very beneficial for the community in the last six years total consumed energy by Apple product has dropped by 57%. The world most energy efficient desktop computer produced the Apple as Mac mini. So the IMac uses the 97% less electricity that are very beneficial for the people and theirs expenditure are safe with the help of the latest technology (Green Light for the business, 2015).

Apple has worked on the environment and makes progress and hiring the former EPA chief Lisa Jackson as VP environmental so some initiative for the last spring and working to the environmental benefit that are very important for the success of the Apple growth that create the customer and the community loyalty with apple. Therefore, the Apple like many other brands, develop the public trust, and continue working on the pursuit the public trust and the corporate social responsibility is very important role-play for increase the public trust.  Apple built the public image with the improvement with in supply chain than management working on the improvement in supply chain sustainability (brand channel, 2015).

Apple with the corporate social responsibility recognition of the significant effect the activities and provide the facilities to the customers, communities , environment , competitor, business partner, government , investor and the shareholders. So the apple clear that contribute to their wealth in the corporate social responsibility activities. So the MMEs spends the money in the corporate social responsibility because the create the loyalty with the customer and the apple spend the money in the corporate social responsibilities activity the aim of the company is create the loyalty with the customer and the it is ensured that the Apple spend the money to Community welfare (Werth, 2015).

 Therefore, that is the main aim with the help of the corporate social responsibility the best image built and create the customer loyalty to sell will increase and the company profit margin increase. This corporate Social Responsibility apple is part of the research projects as the ICT hardware and financed by the ministry foreign affairs in the Netherlands. Apple is committed that spends the money to the highest standards of the social work responsibility. The apple worked as the social responsibility when the product made according to the standard and care the corporate social responsibility. And the company insured that the safe working environment for the supplier and provide the social facilities and treat worker with the full of the dignity and the respect and use the environmentally responsible manufacturing process that are up to the standards and meet all the social responsibility requirement. Therefore, the company care there the employee, supplier and the distributor and provide the safe and the sound environment. Apple social working to the people and different types of the facilities provide to the customer. Therefore, the apple is interesting the research in motion and the message to the people and the blackberry messenger has been very important social change it is ethical duty of the company provide the stakeholders best environment that are very beneficial for the stakeholders and create loyalty with customers (Shayon, 2014).

Therefore, the MNEs seek to create the profit so the Apple working in the corporate social responsibility to seek the profit so the outcome of the CSR is initiatives on the stakeholders and these initiatives influence the corporate image. Therefore, apple work in the corporate social responsibility to build the imager and that influenced the corporate image and the reputation for the MNES the Apple. So the apple invest the social work for the stakeholders because the built the image and the trust of the corporation to the community. So the corporate social responsibility reporting on the reputation and the company image with the help of CSR understand the performance standard and the Voluntary initiatives. That are very support to the corporate image of the community and it is very useful to create the customer loyalty and with the help of the best image and  trust and loyalty the Apple business growth is increase that is very beneficial for  the Apple (Shayon, 2014).


Shayon, S. (2014). Apple Redeems Its Public Image with Improvements in Supply Chain, Sustainability. Retrieved April 25, 2015, from

Werth, C. (2015). Corporate Social Responsibility: Apple is one step ahead. Retrieved April 25, 2015, from

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