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An article Review Writing is actually a type of writing which is based on the reader's viewpoint about the article that he or she has read earlier. One must not misunderstand that the article reviewing is solely about the summation of another article. On the other hand, it is an evaluation and reflections of one's mind based on the reading of a particular article. In the case of teachers, the aim of article reviewing is to make sure that the students have read, absorbed and understood the idea and the subject of the article. Also, the reader is able to convey his own opinion about the idea being conveyed in the article. The reviewer should keep in mind the reading public as well. He should take care of both the informed reader and the not informed reader in his writing. Article review writing can be professional and unprofessional as well. In case of professional writing, the articles are included from some scholarly journals and some newspapers in any particular field. The readers are also from the same field hence, they write knowing and understanding the jargons related the field. In the domain of professional writing, the reviewer intends to publish his review in the same platform from which he gets the article in the first place. On the contrary, the unprofessional writing a review of an article is not intended to get published. Mostly it aims at letting other people know that you have gathered the gist of the article and you are in a position to reflect your own views about the content present in the article.

Reasons for article reviewing can vary from situation to situation. For example, an article gets published in a newspaper and a reader reads it thoroughly and some energy makes him uneasy to write his own opinion about that particular article. A newspaper publishes an article of a top journalist and he talks about the disturbed political situation prevailing in the country. In the meanwhile, a reader reads it and thinks that the writer is offering very bogus solutions. So he writes a review citing all the references from his article as well as the evidence from the outside sources.

Another situation can be made when a scholarly article gets published in a journal. And different students and people related to that field read the article. Some of them try to write a review.

In some cases, a teacher gives some Article Review Writing to the students to read. His teaching plan is comprised of making sure that the students have read the Article Review Writing. So he asks them to review the article that is synonymous with jotting down one's opinion and reflections of one's reading.

How to write an article review? There are some steps that a reviewer undergoes while writing a review of an article. First of all, he reads an Article Review Writing. He sketches a brief summary of it in his mind. He makes point of the arguments that the article has built upon. And at the end, he organizes all of his finding in his own writing.

The first step is reading an article. Reading is the first and the foremost step in article review writing. If you skip it you will end up making sweeping statements in your review. Your review will make a disappointing impression on whoever would read your piece of writing. In order to avoid this situation, you will have to read the article thoroughly. There is a saying that one cannot write before reading and one cannot speak before listening. Same goes for article review writing as well. You cannot write as long as you have not read the article beforehand. This reading includes both extensive and intensive reading. Extensive reading means you are reading the article for your pleasure reading. This type of reading is also required for reviewing the article. After having done with extensive reading, the reviewer should go further for intensive reading. Intensive reading means that the reader goes in depth of every minute detail given in the Article Review Writing. Intensive reading demands some sources for background knowledge of the ideas given. These sources can be a dictionary, internet, a biography of the author and books related to the field in which the article has been written.

One cannot write a review of an article while being neutral. In other words, the Article Review Writing must stir the emotions that provoke you to write your opinion about the arguments established in the article. You cannot write unless you have not get some feelings of praise or disdain for the content. If you go against the ideas that have been put forth in the article, you will write a review saying that you do not agree with these. On the other hand, if you agree with whatever has been said by the writer, you will be writing saying that you like the things being said in that particular article. Hence, agreement and disagreement are two different things that go along with writing a review of some articles. Either you agree or you do not. Of course, there are some instances in which some writers prefer to take a middle position but that does not mean that the article was unable to stir the emotions of the review.

 To ensure that you are writing a good article review, one should keep in mind that there would be informed as well as uninformed reading public. The review should take care of both the informed reader and the not informed reader in his writing. That is to say, while citing the references from the article, and putting forth one's own argument, one must not presuppose that the reader would get the idea what the article was all about. However, he should summarize the article in the first place. So that the reader who has not read the article may not face chaos and disappointment while reading the review. If there are some technical terms and terminologies used in the article and the summary is unable to provide sufficient knowledge related to them, the reviewer should explain them as well before putting forth his own opinions. The reviewer can refer the author as well that this is how he has explained this terminology in his article. So the key to writing a good article review is the make a brief summary of the article first. Then on, step by step one should go on citing the references and building his own opinion about them.

There are some don'ts that a review must follow before writing a review of an article. One should not paraphrase the article. One should not go on using slang language. One should follow a crystal clear logical structure for the review. If these things would not be followed one might find oneself having done with a shoddy piece of writing.

Formatting a review is also a very important thing. If the review is going to be published in the same journal then the reviewer should follow the format of the article. If the reviewer is a student and he intends to write a review for his teacher then he should follow the instructions given by his teacher. In the end, the Article Review Writing should be done with a brief conclusion that must be comprised of a brief summary of the review.

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