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Articles related to Economics


  1. Changes in Supply or demand

Title of the Article: Oil Prices: What’s Behind the Drop? Simple Economics

Source: The New York Times

Date: October 5, 2015


Oil prices falls to $42 per barreled due to increase in the supply of the oil in the local and international market. Another reason to fall in the prices of oil in the local market is that from the past few years, the domestic production of the United States nearly doubled. Therefore, the government pushes the oil in international market that causes to drop overall prices.

Effects on Microeconomics

The drop in the prices of oil is feasible and put positive effects on the economy of the country especially on the consumer. This indirectly increases the purchasing power of the consumer. In addition, the less prices of oil also reduce the production cost for the industry can consumer also gets benefited from changes in supply and demand of oil.

  1. Game Theory

Title of the Article: What game theory tells us about Wednesday’s debate and the Republican Primary

Source: The Washington Post

Date: September 18, 2015


The voters are not voting for the person or their first selection. Plenty of strategic voting is in the 2012 Republican primary largely because they believed that this is the best chance in the general election to vote for the person they like. The winner of elections takes the entire race between the candidates.

Effects on Microeconomics

The voters have some criteria to which they select and vote the person or their candidate. The general elections also put the effects on the business and the economy. The foreign investors have an eye on the elected candidates and his vision about the development of nation and the country.

  1. Price Floors

Title of the Article: Should Government Control The Price Of Prescription Drugs?

Source: International Business Times

Date: September 24, 2015


This article highlights the egregious price hike for a medicine that treats a deadly infection. The pharmaceutical companies are charging high for their health products and services. In addition, Americans have heard number of times to rein in high cost of prescription drugs especially from Democratic rival Sen and Clinton.

Effects on Microeconomics

The high prices of the medication disturb the family budget of an average person. The government is taking steps but still there is lots of medicine available in the market that has high costs. Availability of the drugs and services at high prices increases the revenues for companies but decreases the savings and purchase power of consumers.

  1. Cartel

Title of the Article: Cartel Land review – alarming account of Mexican drug vigilantes

Source: The Guardian

Date: September 6, 2015


There is increase in the Mexico’s terrifying cross-border drug cartels. The government has made much legislation for the creation and prevention of the drugs.  However, this is not so much feasible due to widening web of violence, corruption and extortion.

Effects on Microeconomics

The abuse of the drugs puts negative effects on the economy of the country. The people getting involves in the use of the drugs and money spend to purchase of the illegal things. This lowers the gross domestic production of the country and also effects on the health of the people.

  1. Inefficiencies associated with U.S. tariffs on imports

Title of the Article: U.S. Sets New Duties on Chinese Steel

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Date: November 3, 2015


U.S steels posts another loss due to ruling places preliminary duties on some of the imports up to 236%. Due to impose some more duties on the steel from China, the U.S. Corp. posted another quarterly loss. In the running year, about six American steelmakers filed three trade complaints that received a preliminary ruling as the Commerce Department on the first.

Effects on Microeconomics

The sharp drop in volumes is affected by the lower prices. Due to increase in the duties of imports the local supply of the steel will reduce that can raise the demand and also the price for the products of steel. This will also affects the use of the steel and imports from China also declined slightly.


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