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Assignment Writing Model

This document describes the Assignment Writing Model. A model is a form of the framework that describes you to structure of the body. A model gives you a sketch how to do a task or a project to make by using some regular steps. This content represents the writing model. Teachers know from their experience and they can be designing some task. A teacher often spends hours and writing a work. These steps, which help to understand the writing process model, students focus on the learning objective and check all the types of the assignment spelling and grammar mistakes. For assigning on the different topic, we assume that we have the assignment on the topic: write a letter to the father for getting some money, write a story on the picture, which is given to you, and make a story about the pictures, which is giving to you in the regular order.

Model of writing:

  • Think about the topic
  • Make outline
  • Paragraph planning
  • The link between the paragraphs
  • Write the start or introduction of the assignment
  • Write the main body part
  • In the end, write a conclusion

This is an essential part of writing model. The framework of the assignment and overview help to the learner about the model of writing. Everyone has own experience. We know there is no best writing assignment. Everyone should produce his or her own knowledge with the best effort.

Assignment purpose: clearly understand the instructional objective, teacher expectations with students. How is the assignment covering the instructional plan? How do assignments connect with the professional development? What is the purpose of the assignments? What do we want to communicate with the audience? How can we get the purpose of the assignment?

Planning and preparation

A teacher should plan the assignment and prepare the students for an assigned task. What theories and concept can write in the assignment? What choices are given by the teacher? What type of data teacher demand for a project? The teacher clearly elaborates the purpose of the assignments.

Teacher Expectation

Teacher expectation can be met through if the students do the given task at the time. The work of students is good. Teacher appreciates the students and motivates in the sense the student do better in next assignments. A teacher encourages the weak students to use their best effort and make a good assignment.


Elaborate teacher to the students how they can engage in writing the assignment. Students should the purpose of the assignment. Students support their assignment with the relevant knowledge. A student uses their best effort to make an assignment effective. The students develop their creative skills and intellectual skills. Their professional development also takes place. The different level of the school, college and universities have the different set standard of the assignments.

Writing assignment and tool of writing

A writing assignment consists of any writing task, which is, related to your work. it involves the students to brainstorming and enhances their knowledge. Students collect their ideas, construct an essay, and think about the critical aspects, synthesize the new knowledge. There are many tools for writing an assignment; these help to the students to write, especially engaging those students that want to participate in the writing assignment. The teacher can use these tools are listed here:

  • Writing a task given to the students
  • English content areas, which help the students, make English skill effective.

These tools can be used in the education system: portfolio, professional development of the learner, planning about future, set goal, grade level assignment, parent, and teacher are meeting, student and teacher mentoring. This tool can use for the helping of the teacher, how to assign the task or project. If the students are writing about the assignment, take the start with topic.introduction. Write brief introduction with the citation. Students can clearly define the resources. Consider creating the good assignment and do every task in a good manner.

Write the reflection on the assignment

Teacher guide the students about clear goal or objective of the assignment. How can students fulfill the purpose of the assignment? Tell about the expectation and set the standard which helps to the students to achieve the goal. How will work be done? Why students do this work, elaborate the purpose of an assignment? Teacher discusses the all-difficult part of the assignment with students. Teacher gives the reward to the students that motivate the students and enhance their participation of the learner. Give time to students to revise their assignment. A teacher can give the review of the student’s assignment and the report will update with new assignment marks. Collect all peer review, discuss the all-key points, use different strategies, review the books and articles which help to make a good reflection. A teacher should set clear feedback from the students. There are many formats of the assignments, which help to the students do the task which instructs the teacher. Keep huge of research work in the way that depicts your skills and enhances your knowledge. Read about your notes, which help you to write an assignment. Think critically about the knowledge, which you know. Discuss the result of the group work and meet the objective within time. It is good for the students to submit their assignments on the time. Brainstorm your mind and think about all the ideas. Collect the knowledge in the form of ideas and thought. This gives you a chance to organize all knowledge. Search any topic in the deep meaning and analyze the knowledge. Discuss the all relevant topic with your team members. Visualise yourself and meet with all group members. Aaan structure of an assignment start with the title page, Acknowledgements, write abstract of the paper writing, write introduction of the writing article or assignment, review related literature, write methodology which is most suitable for your paper writing, collect data relevant to your field, finding describes the all facts and figure which you receive from your data analysis. Write the conclusion about the complete paper writing, at the end discuss all the key elements of your study. Enlist all the references and bibliography.


Ask students write about the all-writing work in the form of the summary. Ask the question and make an assessment report, which describes the achievement of the students. The teacher should make sure the work, which is assigning to the students will be content related to their subject and grade level.  The teacher should assign the task in the form of group to enhance the collaboration of the students. The assignment should be application based. The individual assignment presents the only individual thought and effort. If we talk about the group assignment, if we talk about the group there are many members each member has some topic to complete their assignment. Group work depicts the whole work of all members. In the group work, we can assess each member work with the comparison of the other member's work. Each member of the group distributes their work equally. It is the responsibility of each member should complete his or her task in the given time. There is one group leader, which compose all the work at the end. The group work task is base of the group marks of each member. These all information depict of steps writing assignment model.


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