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 Avoiding the Instructor Revenge on your Essay or Paper

The relationship between instructor and students are very common. When student sit in the class, it is the duty of instructor or may called teacher to provide proper knowledge to students and guide them according to their need. Sometimes, students are very annoying, they didn’t listen what teacher is saying .they only busy in making noise or disturb other students. These types of students are really challenging for teachers to handle but experience teachers who have better tackle techniques can easily handle such type of naughty students.

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As per given topic “avoiding the instructor revenge on your paper” , we have to discuss all those points which students have to suffer in examination center when they created too much disturbance in regular classes. Different students have different types of behavior but in examination center their behavior quite different .some students didn’t focus on teacher’s lecture. They are busy in talking with classmates which create disturbance in overall class. Some students busy in their own writing instead of listening their teachers and then they didn’t get proper understanding of lecture and they asking stupid questions regarding current lecture. Some students watch the teacher very attentively but their mind was not present, they think about any other thing instead lecture, teacher thought they are listening him but in real their mind at some other place.

So, different students have different behaviors according to their mental approach. Now we talk about teachers. Teachers are also human being and they want to perform their duty very well. Their duty is to deliver their knowledge to students in such a way that they understand all concepts. But sometimes, it become problematic for teachers to convey their knowledge because students don’t want to cooperate with them. Some time the teaching style of teachers are not so good that students feel uncomfortable while listening that teacher. Teacher should be humble and polite but no much frank with students that students instead of study spend all time in talking whereas should be not too much stricken that students feel scary while talking to him.

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In examination center, students have to solve their paper with silently and follow all the rules which have strictly followed by every student during exams.

It is the responsibility of students to follow the dress code specify for examination center. There are some ethic for setting in exam room and all students should follow that ones. Male students didn’t wear odd clothes like fashionable jeans or t-shirts or wear any other annoying thing in neck or in hands. They use to wear only wrist watches in exams. Normally, uniform is considered for examination center but sometimes colorful dress can be allowed. Female students should not apply too much make up for going to exams; they avoid wearing bangles, rings, earrings or any other type of jewelry in exam room.  Because in these cases, instructor may not allow you to sit in examination hall and cancel your paper. So always follow dress code.

It is always mention before exams that which things allow to bring with them self and which are prohibited but sometimes students bring with them such type of items like ink pen are not allowed only fountain pens are used in exams but students solve their paper with ink pen and teacher deducted your marks. Sometimes calculator not allows to use and you have to solve all questions by yourself but some students bring it hidden and then caught by instructor and they will cancel your paper or deduct your marks without any reason.

It is strictly mention that no any paper or book allowed in examination center specially related to subject. If any student caught with any type of such item them paper will be cancel or he may not allow sitting in room for exams.

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These are most common reasons which we observe during exams. There are also some other issue through with teacher can deduct the marks of students without any solid reason.

In some questions , teacher required proper and bold heading of every topic and neat clean presentation but students may not mention all heading then teacher deducted their marks.

Sometimes diagram is required in given question and all details are related to that diagram but students not draw that diagram or not draw clearly which give proper understanding ,in this case teacher also deduct the marks of students.

Some subjects required detail calculation; we can say that calculation at every step. This requirement mostly seen in numerical subjects. Teacher also demands detail and full calculation at every step but students mostly skip many minor calculations and solve the question. In this case teacher may also deduct your marks.

Another main point is that neat and clear presentation is required in every exam. Every point written by students should be clearly explained and in good handwriting. Margin should be given properly, page no. also given, headings must be given so the paper checker can easily understand what student is going to explain, write all material in proper paragraphs. Bullets or error should be used if heading is not given.

In other words, teacher didn’t want to deduct the marks of students as revenge. There is proper setup and methodology is given to solve the paper and responsibility of students to completey follows these rules and work according to given criteria, then instructor cannot deduct its marks expect student give wrong answer in exams. Teachers want their students study well and pass the exam with good grades and promoted to next level of study.

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