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Background of country

Slide 1: Background of country

The history of china is related to back of 4000 years. The country has created a rich culture in terms of arts and philosophy. The country has seen invention of amazing technologies. The country has fought several wars and conquered neighbors. Major city of country is Beijing, shanghai, Tianjin etc. the official language of country are based on Wu; Min; Cantonese; Jin; Xiang; Hakka; Gan; Uighur, 7.4 million; Tibetan; Hui; and Ping. The country is also famous due to the largest population in world. Several Chinese are Buddhist and/or Taoist. Some people are also belonged to atheists, Christians, Muslims, and Hindu, Bon, or Falun Gong adherents. The country has largest growing economy and official poverty rate is about 10%.

Slide 2: Lenovo

The brand of company comes in existence in 2004. The company has longer history as in 1984Legend Holdings was formed along with 200,000 RMB in a guardhouse in china.  In 1988, the company incorporated in Hong Kong. Currently, the company is considered as US $ 34 billion personal technology as is considered as largest PC vendor. There are more than 33000 employees in more than 60 countries who serve the customers.  In 2004, the company has changed its name as Lenovo. From more than 4 years, the company is largest growing major PC Company. The company creates a full range of personal technology which is based on smart phones, tablets and smart TV.

Slide 3:

The company is famous due to:

  • number one PC company in the world for large business 
  • number one PC company in China, Japan, Russia and Germany
  • from last 3 years, fastest growing major PC brand
  • built a Smartphone business from scratch and reached #4 
  • launched a family of convertible PCs 
  • Combine the best features of both notebook PCs and tablets
  • best known PC notebook in the world


Slide 4: Products & services

The products of company are surround around the laptops, desktops, workstations, servers,  and electronic accessories.  The services of company are based on the planning to the purchase of a certain product.  The IT market is competitive and the IT departments in industry are finding the strategies; so that everything in the company remains positive such as ROI. The company no doubt has limited resources and forward thinking; therefore, the company provides lower cost service. Some of services of company are;

  • Configuring and customizing PCs
  • Deploying and removing equipment
  • Securing business-critical data and assets
  • Transferring data and user settings
  • Trouble-shooting and upgrading systems.

Slide 5: products and services

The company also offers the broad portfolio of services as this make It’s operation smooth. This also enhances the bottom lines of company. The other services of company are based on:

Services features


Protection and warranty

Through flexible support, the company keeps PCs, tablets. Servers and devices in running condition

Configuration Services

The company focus on PC configuration and security related to the PC from day one

Hardware Services

advantage from hardware-specific support   and expertise

Deployment services

Automate  and Systematize labor-intensive, manual IT tasks 

Financial Services

Leverage custom lease solutions to protect cash flow, increasing purchasing power, and reducing total cost of ownership.


Slide 6: Strategies that worked well

Strategies of company is based on protect and attack. In current years, the company put in motion through CEO. The company in simple words highlights the defensive and offensive elements in strategy.  The company focuses on building success in China. Therefore, the company has shown dominating position in China. The company also seeks to grow internationally through advantage of assets and expansion through sales of products in emerging markets.

Slide 7: Strategies that worked well

The company is emerged as the Chinese first multinational company. The company surprise HP and Dell through becoming largest PC market.  The sales of company are grown through PC market. According to the 2014, the sales of company are about $ 39 billion, which is twice as compared to 2008. The strategy of company is related to several acquisitions.   The company has broad implications related to China future. The Chinese companies are engaged in wave of mergers and acquisitions in world.  The success of company is duplicated through the emerging multinationals. This bring competition toe-to toe. The company acquires US technology as innovative company, which increase capability of company.

Slide 8: Stakeholders or partners

The employees of company have safe equipments and facilities. This brings a competitive advantage when there is consideration of compensation packages. The company also focuses on volunteer workplace safety standards. The structure of Board of Director is based on CEO and chairpersons of company. The company strives to uphold high standard of corporate governance and to maintain sound and well-established corporate governance practices. The company focuses on product safety to protect customers and employees. Certain policies are highlighted which urge the employees to understand about the working regulations and rules. The employees have taken opportunity to acquire core competencies and skills for future presence of company and retain competitive.   The competitors of company are dell, IBM, Apple company and HP.

Slide 9: Stakeholders or partners

Lenovo draws in with individual partner bunches on a specially appointed premise as required by the topic and individual partner concerns. n acknowledgment of the significance of water quality to our workers and clients in China, Lenovo connected with the Nature Conservancy to give backing to its Shanghai Watershed venture. Nearby partner engagement at the site level is essentially done through Lenovo's group relations and correspondences groups, who work intimately with Lenovo's worldwide association on manageability issues.

Slide 10: local cultural or institution factors

 Te institution factors of local culture of company is based on the  pattern of shared values, norms, behavioral aspects, systems, policies and procedures which the employees learnt after being the part of company.  The company constructs culture through raising delivering break through innovations as well as by designing the award winnings designs and strong financial performance.  For the company, the nationality does not matter and the company makes decisions through activities and facilities of global knowledge exchange.

Slide 11: local cultural or institution factors

 According to the way of Lenovo, “we do what we say and we own what we do”.  According to the factors of company, the company plan before pledge, perform as promise, prioritize company first, practice to improve and pioneer new ideas.  The company focuses on diversity and unique polycentric business.  The company focuses on these factors in entire world without focus on country.

Slide 12: learn about Doing Business in Emerging Markets

 Through doing business of Lenovo in emerging market, several learning comes in front. The first and foremost important thing is success come through proper strategies and dedication.  The company can easily become brand recognized in IT industry.  In fact, the emerging markets is considered as best opportunity to flourish business.  No doubt, the company can face cultural risks but this can be rectify through the standardization policy.

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