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Big Data and Its Benefit for the Business


Big Data! The word is quite not as simple as it sounds like. Big Data is a combination of many activities that involve elicitation of data, organizing the data on the basis of prioritization and usage and finally performing analysis of large sets cluster and collection of data; these all activities combine together to be known as BIG DATA (Fiedler, 2014).

Some evaluated information by numbering their records, exchanges, tables or document, yet some thought that it was more valuable to measure huge information as far as time. Huge information is another force that progresses all that it communicates with and it is considered by some to be the power of the 21st century. It was first run when properties like too extensive, excessively unstructured, and too quick moving where utilized for depicting the way of the information. Enormous information's first principle characteristic is the volume. It was in the mid 21st century when we first caught wind of the idea of enormous information (Nedelcu, 2013).

 There are analytics out there that help the companies to understand the concept and information that can be extracted from the data. Analysts can easily identify which data is important or useful and which is not. These people are called Big Data Analysts, who extract the knowledge that is gained by analyzing the data. This is a challenge for most of the companies and data warehouses. Because it is a sheer number of data and then it is of different forms and formats (, 2015).

The second characteristic is the assortment of information. The last property of enormous information is the speed, which alludes to the low-inactivity, continuous rate at which investigation should be connected. For instance, in the U.S. some want to keep information accessible for lawful examination for a long time, which is statute of constraints.  This happens in light of the fact that information originate from an assortment of sources like logs, streams, online networking, content information, and semi-organized information from B2B forms information (Nedelcu, 2013).

Big Data is data exceeding from the capacity of processing for the conventional database systems. Big data is an evolving term that describes any voluminous amount of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that has the potential to be mined for information. Big Data was considered a “hot word “in 2012. Big Data has become viable, as cost effective approaches have emerged to tame the volume, velocity and variability of massive data. Big Data lies according to the valuable patterns and information of users. This was hidden in the past because there is a needed of amount of work which is required to extract them. The leading companies such as Google and Wal-Mart have approached to the powers at the fantastic cost. The big data processing is come in the commodity hardware through the cloud architecture as well as through the open source software. The big data is considered feasible for small garage startups as this on cheap basis rent servers time in the cloud (Dumbill, 2012).

Value of Big Data

 The organizational big data value is divided into two important categories. The first category is related to analytical use whereas the second category is related to the enabling of new and big products. The hidden insights are revealed through the big data analytics as this is considered too costly of a process. The peer is urged to influence the customers, which are revealed through the analysis of shopper transactions, geographical data and social concerns  (Dumbill, 2012). Through big data, every aspect is considered a process within a reasonable time. The entire process removes the troublesome need through sampling and promotion of an investigation approach to the data. Through static nature, there are somewhat predetermined reports. The past decades of technology has shown the successful web startup, which is considered as prime examples of Big Data (Dumbill, 2012).

This enables new products and services. Through the combination of large signals, the actions of users can be taken place. For example, numbers are through the users actions such as friends on social media. Social media such as Facebook has able for constructing personalized user experience. As a result, there is creation of new advertisement for business (, 2015).

It is not considered a coincidence that the share of lion based ideas and tools focus on the underpin of Big Data; which has emerged through Yahoo, Google and Facebook.  The big data emergence is within enterprise, which brings through the needed counterparts such as agility.  This focuses on the exploitation value in the requirement of big data experimentation. There is also need of big data in the exploration. When companies are looking for the creation of products or whether they are dealing with the products and services for gaining the competitive advantage. The working patterns and job are called curiosity and outlook of entrepreneurial (Dumbill, 2012).

Datasets as Big Data

Big Data usage is varied due to the extent of its large presence. There are some prominent examples through which people are considerable familiar because these are based on inclusion of social media networking analysis related to the data of members. Through this, there is a lot to learn about it. People want to know about the members’ data and learn several things about them by connecting through the content and relevancy of advertisement related to their own interests (, 2012).

 Search engines are looking for relationships, which are developed through the queries and results that can be helpful for giving the best answers touser’s questions.  The potential usage of Big Data goes even further.  There are two important and large sources of data, which are based on the large quantities considered transactional data. There is inclusion of everything from stock price to bank data. A single individual merchant focuses on purchasing history and sensor data.  This leads towards the Internet Of Things (SHAW, 2014).

  Sensor data refers measurements, which are taken through the manufacturing of robots automakers. This also includes the assessment of location of data through the cell phone network. There is also an instant electrical use of big data in homes and businesses. This is use ranges from the passengers boarding information to the transit system. Through the Big Data analysis, the trends are learnt by the organizations and they measure them when the people generate data. For customized services, Big Data analysis is provided and this has increased the efficiencies in the industry by which data is collected (, 2012).

Tools for Big Data

 The most established and influential tool for the analysis of big data is known as the Apache Hadoop. This tool is in the shape of a framework, which is used for the storage and processing of data in large quantities. This frame is considered to be open source. The commodity hardware can be run through the Hadoop. This tool is helpful regarding analysis with the existing data center. Analysis is conducted in a cloud. The Hadoop is divided in four main parts (McGuire, Chui, Manyika, Manyika, & Chui, 2012).

  • The first part is Haadoop distributed file system. This part is designed along with high aggregate bandwidth.
  • Another part is YARN, which is used for the management of Hadoop resources and program schedules. These are run on the infrastructure of Hadoop.
  • Another part is the model for the processing of big data, which is called Map Reduce.
  • The last part is a common set of libraries for the use of modules.

Big Data Help the Businesses

Big Data helps businesses, customers and management in several ways to change the business drastically. The big data helps the organization to keep and retain its customers and the suppliers (Charles & Gherman, 2013). The Big Data is different from the narrow applications and uses by the top management to identify its most valuable customers today and tomorrow. In addition, it also examines a broad range of sources that include the structured information like customer relationship management (CRM), purchase histories, intelligence from partners of industry and the unstructured information (Davis, 2013). The unstructured information includes the social media. Web crawlers are searching for connections, which are produced through the inquiries and results that can be useful for giving the best answers touser's inquiries (Dumbill, 2012). The potential use of Big Data goes much further. There are two vital and expansive wellsprings of information, which depend on the substantial amounts considered transnational information (Feldman, 2013).

The Big data in the simplest form is defined as the entire pool of digital information available to an organization. This is the further move to break down into two buckets that refers to unstructured data and structured data (Hoek, 2015). This helps data to represent in the format for further analysis like application, database, spreadsheet etc. In addition, this can be in the form of the raw format like an article, info graphic and article (MacIver, 2014). The Big data also helps the business to recognize its potential customers and new market developments. Analysts can easily identify which data is important or useful and which is not. These people called Big Data Analysts, who extract the knowledge that is gained by analyzing the data. This is a challenge for most of the companies and data warehouses (McGuire, Chui, Manyika, Manyika, & Chui, 2012).

Expansion of Customers Intelligence

 From the customers’ perspective, it is a matter as the simple questions, which need to be answered. The company has hundreds or even millions of customers, so recognition of customers is doesn’t always happen. Recognition is changing with the passage of time (MacIver, 2014). Therefore, the companies are using bid data for the identification of their most valuable customers in current and future days. The companies have to focus on big data without penalizing the customers.

Big Data has board applications for the future .A board range of sources is examined by the big data. This is based on inclusion of the structure of information (Hoek, 2015). The structure of information is based on the customers’ histories purchasing, customers’ relationship management and intelligence through the industry partners. Big Data also has unstructured information (Nedelcu, 2013).

 This information is gleaned through the feeds of social media, blogs, videos, audio and other resources. The companies are focused on the sorting of information, for example, in the airline case, the big picture question needs to be answered. The companies no doubt struggled for the last several decades over the customer’s treatment. The single trend is expansion of the customer’s intelligence. It is a fact that the technology is evolving and the big data will create and accelerate the three other trends in the coming years  (Reddi, 2012).

Improvement in Operational Efficiencies

 The last link of the value chain is forged through the big data and the main reason behind that is helping companies, which creates more efficiency related to the operational department of companies. This can be easily done through the existing investments. Through data, the feedback loop is created in the field.  This is also growing at a pace, which is hard to comprehend. On a single commercial aircraft, the sensors are able to generate 20 terabytes of data an hour. Automobiles are reporting back by considering back data collection through onboard sensors and systems of dealer services. One can not forget the growing tide of RFID equipped vehicles, packages and crates. These are called as data repositories, which are combined with interactions from machine to machine. This stimulates a new wave of predictive analytics  (Reddi, 2012).

 These services are enabling equipment such as airplanes for the determination of company internal maintenance schedules. This alerts the supply chain. The main reason behind this is to ensure that needed parts arrive at the right place and right time. Through the realm of data scientists Big Data is moving into everyday business encounters and transactions. The call center is a significant example of this. In call centers, the CRM systems review the multiple data sources incurrent and real time. This enhances suggestion offers the representatives present to the customers.  In addition to this, analytics are integrated in to the doctor office when there is maintenance of a health app (Reddi, 2012).

This increases the outcomes during the physician consultation along within formed suggestions. After providing suggestions, the next step is consideration of the patient’s treatment. The insurance companies are another example, which are data driven and show benefits through the introduction of big data. The analytics of industry specifics are helpful for increasing the speed of claims processing along with reduction of costs and spotting potential fraud through the analytics. This process determines whether the claim is processed an automatic basis or not. When there is no option, the claim is flagged for review by specialist (Reddi, 2012).

New Technology, New Processes

With the advancement of technology and internet, companies are becoming data driven. Company insights provide opportunities for optimum gain. The impact of Big Data is highlighted by operational efficiency and customers’ intelligence. Instant decision-making capability is gained through the mobile medium and people are able to implement new business procedures. This changes the methodology of business procedures (Reddi, 2012).

Through increasing mobility in Big Data, front line employees are enabled with real time insights. They showed when and where the companies needed them. The information changes according to the demands and requirements. This creates an increased knowledge pool as the insights are driven through another part of system  (Reddi, 2012).

 This has increased company delivering through trucks and spurred improvement in the business field of first generation routing tools.  This can be done through smarter tools as traffic conditions of certain routes are anticipated. A new route is created through this insight in response to the information related to a problem. The information is created through driver input  (Reddi, 2012).

Big Data as Services

In the past, the company maintains its data through de facto tools such as spreadsheets. This tool is a marketing manager for the collection of data through campaigns. There is a need for the company to focus on their working patterns. There is a flood of information through social media. In addition to this, the unstructured information is characteristic of Big Data, as this doesn’t fit with the model of a spreadsheet (Reddi, 2012).

The variety, volume and data velocity bring complexities for the analysis of usage of old school tools. Now days, everyone tries to become a data scientist. Data and analytics services are offered for helping companies. Whether the company is large or small, it can use Big Data through sharing a pool of research scientists and resources. (Reddi, 2012).

Benefits of Big Data

There is significance in drawing consumer attitudes while generating good values from the marketing activities of a firm. The organizations have aggressively relied on the analysis and collection of big data in a way to make their business strategies in line with their businesses. The successes of these organizations have been anecdotal in engaging and reaching their large audiences. The big data boots the effectiveness of marketing activities employed by the organizations. The framing activities of firms include ensuring the accuracies of underlined data, and naming of conventions. These efforts provide the firms an ability to align its businesses. The use and effectiveness of big data has been increasing with the passage of time (Rubin, 2013).

The current issues companies are facing are based on keeping track the Terabytes, Petabytes and Exabyte’s. These terms are in business Lexicon and showed that it has reached a fever pitch. Therefore, businesses and people have entered into the age of big data. People are focusing on their jobs and they have to focus on the happiness of customers, employees and partners (Satell, 2013).

 The entire technological numbers do not seem to be directly linked with the businesses. Still, Big Data is important due to the transformation and management of enterprises. The leaders of business have relied on scientific studies as well as on statistical significance. The main reason is determination of what information the people can trust. With the help of technology, these assumptions are going to be obsolete and the practice of management will never be the same (Satell, 2013).When capturing, analyzing and processing Big Data is done efficiently and effectively, companies show capability in gaining more and complete understanding of their business, competitors and products. Through this, there is efficient improvement, increase in sales, reduction in costs and excellent customer services (, 2014).

The current example is related to the manufacturing companies who deploy sensors in the products for getting a stream of return information.  Most of the time, these are used for the delivery of services. NeuStar provides the services related to communication, navigation and security. The usage patterns and failure rates are considered opportunities for the improvement of products. This can also reduce the development and cost of assembly. The GPS devices and proliferation of smart phones are offering advertisers several opportunities to target the consumers when the consumers are in close proximity to a store, restaurant or in a coffee shop. The new revenue of services is opened for understanding, as they are choosing whether to buy or not. This enhances the agenda of target marketing and segmentation. Furthermore, it increases the supply chains efficiency (Reddi, 2012).

  • In addition to this, with information technology, improvement can be made in logs and troubleshooting. The security performance can be increased through speed and effectiveness.
  • The information can be generated more quickly for the improvement of customers’ interaction and satisfaction.
  • The customers’ sentiments can be understood more quickly through social media content.  This is helpful to bring improvements in the products, services and customers’ interactions.
  • The detection of fraud in industry related to financial transactions can be done with ease, such as banking, shopping, insurance and health care systems.
  • The financial market transactional information is used for the quick assessment of risks and for taking cohesive and accurate actions (, 2012).

Application of Big Data

Big Data is down to the packet size and it is capable of measuring everything in the business community. Through big data, there is combination of datasets and contrasting them in different ways can be done a quick basis (Dumbill, 2012). This puts emphasis on great or computing power and can done through the Green Plum and Hadoop techniques. There is a need to broaden the thinking. The cloud architecture is considered scalable and this urges Netflix for quick provisions resources of computing. Across devices types and localities, the traffic patterns are analyzed.  This will be helpful for viewing habits and stated preferences (McGuire, Manyika, Chui, Manyika, & Chui, 2012).


For the Netflix recommendation engine, the technology is also used and it accommodates customers’ viewing habits along with their stated preferences. When people are sticking with Netflix, the prices are varying and this shows enough information where the users try to know how much they will pay. To a certain extent, online retailing is happening with airlines targeting through previous browsing history. With the passage of time, some stores are changing prices, which depend on physical stores and customers. There is a combination of a lot of data on traffic and footfall. This includes the tracked day-to-day movements based on more than 28000 people (Feldman, 2013).

Weather Indications

The weather signals work through the repurposing of sensors in Android devices. The basic function behind this is atmospheric readings. Samsung S4 handset is based on the barometer, hydrometer, light meter and thermometer. This can be done through the Weather Signal app. The prospect of millions of personal weather stations feeding through one machine, enhancing the average reading, is exciting. This increases the potential for the improvement of forecasting (Hoek, 2015).

Heart Diseases

Through cloud times, IBM has shown prediction of heart disease and this can be easily accessed through Big Data. The electronic health record analysis of data has shown symptoms in the early stages. IBM Company uses the Apache Unstructured Information Management Architecture. The main purpose is to extract the known heart failure signs and symptoms through the availability of texts. There is lack of a single strong indicator, which shows the weak signals related to diabetes and hypertension. This has a connection to medications. The genomic and ECG data can be analyzed easily basis. The probabilities are drawn through the disparate and different size database for big data analytics (Davis, 2013).

Furthermore, the intersecting movements no doubt intertwine for the creation of shift. Mobile technology is ubiquitous. There are more than 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions in the entire world which have access with the help of smart gadgets. This keeps the products cheap and customers connected. Mobile computing is powerful in the hands for several of consumers and health care practitioners. For Big Data gaming is popular. There are more than 121.3 million Americans who play mobile games on occasional basis. Health apps are used for the improvement of health and wellness of individuals (Feldman, 2013).

Big Data Impact Businesses

Big Data is showing potential in several areas ranging from genetic mapping and ranged to the personalized commerce. According to the thoughts of digital business professor Erik Brynjolfsson, “Big data backed by the exponential growth in processing power and software technologies such as Hadoop, are allowing organizations to make decisions that [simply] could not be made before, to handle all sorts of data questions”(MacIver, 2014).

A resounding impact is seen here. This is an inflexion pointin the first machine age. This enhances industrialrevolution transformations throughout the entire world.In every process and in all industries, the Big Data has its impact (Hoek, 2015). The influence of big data can be seen in businessplanning, sales, research, production and every other aspect. There needs to be more thought in data storage.People are trendier with the data and therefore, they store it. This is a great time to show the “fengshui” approach for data. Business owners decide to store data; and what type of data they are going to use. Big Data is using data, whichplaces a greater emphasis on the needs of individuals along with their desires. Through Big Data,industrial lives are changed whether it is related to working environment or leisure (MacIver, 2014).

Big Data remainshelpful for the creation of growth opportunities. This enhances aggregation and analysis of industry data. The companies are focusing on the middle of large information flows. The data here is related to products and services, preferences of consumers, suppliers and buyers as well as focus on intent, which is captured and analyzed.The leaders have focused on forward thinking, which hasaggressively built capabilities of big data (McGuire, Manyika, Chui, Manyika, & Chui, 2012).

Companies around the world need to incorporateBigData for the enhancement of companypotential related to the creation of value. There are some retailers who focus on BigData having shown potential for increasing operational margins up to 60% (McGuire, Manyika, Chui, Manyika, & Chui, 2012).

How Companies Help Customers Through Big Data?

Shopkeepers no doubt havea loaf of bread, which is wrapped, withthe smile of a shopkeeper.  The company through online interface.The companyisattempting provides the same service to use online services through the pastbehavior of consumersand using Big Data for increasing customer satisfactionas well as to increase the purchase tendency (Charles &Gherman, 2013).

The company related to consumers who purchased its products and services gathers a lot of data.  The company gathers the data about the customer’s name, address, and how to interact with the customer in easily way. This seems an overwhelming amount of data (Feldman, 2013).  The companies through big data easily personalize the given information about the customers. Amazon is a real example of this. Acompany for books, toys, kitchen utensilsand other products people are interested in.  Several companies are also using big data applications such as watching movies through Netflixand choose Pinterest for Pins (Davis, 2013).

 With the advancement of technology, consumers have Nike+ wearable fuel band and many more wearables.  Through this, customers have greater access to more data as compared to initial stages of industry birth.  The platform of food dairy “MyFitnesPal” gives access to people to rundown and picture of calories, which they have consumed on an everyday basis. This is also helpful in the breakdown of proteins, carbs and fats.  It is not enough for customers to know and have access to big data. The companies should sift through all of the data and extract relevant information, which brings an accurate and digestible experience. The provision of data to customers brings meaning to customers in their real life.Companies can generate super fans through big data. If the information is according tosystematic ways, then the customers can become brand loyal (, 2014).

The companies, whether they belong to one industry or another,understand the customers through provision of better services. Companies get help through Big Data for the satisfying customers. Companies started to put big data to work by targeting theright customers. They personalize the customer’s through experiences and solve their problems through the identification of their needs. Therefore, Big Data is considered more valuable along with insightful actions  (, 2014).

Now a days, large datasets in analytics and gatherings namely become a new or latest leading edge in terms of differentiation and competitiveness for an organization. The analysis of the huge databases allows the firms to foresee or forecast competition in future times, growth, and innovation in products or services while fostering the efficiencies and productivities.  The data generation could make a huge difference between the stagnation and progress of a firm. The data monetization is termed to be an effective promise that usually comes from big data sets, which represented benefits for both the large and small firms and enterprises.  In addition, the analysis of these huge datasets has some challenges. They are related with the capturing of information of market, products and services, and customers for attaining the competitive edge (Charles &Gherman, 2013).


Through the analysis and research, it can be concluded that BigData is extremely big, and the movement of data is becoming faster. Big Data is a cost effective approach. It can be summed up that Big Data processing is come in the commodity hardware through the cloud architecture.Hidden insights are revealed through Big Data analytics as this is considered too costly process. Furthermore, it is understood that the past decades of technology has shown the successful web startup, which is a prime example of Big Data. This enables the new products and services. There is creation of new advertisement for business.

The benefits of big data for organizations come in the way of creation of tailored products and highly specific segmentations as well as precise services for meeting those needs of customers. The methodologies are related with the risk management and marketing of its existing products and services. They also work at enhancing the existing products while inventing latest models of the businesses. The data is obtained from the usage of its products by the customers in a way to improve while making further developments in its products and it also includes the creation and bringing innovation in its products and services that might include bringing the after sale services as well.

The manufacturers are able to generate tremendous customer values from the usage of huge datasets, by integrating advanced analytical tactics and extending the database enterprise frameworks for raising its productivities either by enhancing the products quality as well as efficiencies of the business processes. In the recent emerging or developed markets, manufacturers or producers have to establish their competitive edge in the market, which sometimes might go beyond their low labor expenses.

The genuine yield estimation of items is expanded by enhancing their quality and improving items that had matched the clients' necessities. For makers, opportunities empowered by enormous information can drive profitability increase both through enhancing effectiveness and through the nature of items. In created markets, makers can utilize enormous information to decrease costs and convey more noteworthy development in items and administrations. Proficiency increase emerges over the quality chain, from lessening pointless emphases in item advancement cycles to upgrading the gathering procedure.

Some assessed data by numbering their records, trades, tables or archive, yet some felt that it was more profitable to quantify gigantic data to the extent time. Enormous data is another power that advances all that it corresponds with and it is considered by some to be the force of the 21st century. This was covered up in the past because there is a required of measure of work which is required to concentrate them. The main organizations, for example, Google and Wal-Mart have drawn nearer to the forces at the incredible expense. The huge information preparing is come in the merchandise equipment through the cloud building design and additionally through the open source programming. The authoritative huge information worth separates into two vital classes. The primary classification identifies with scientific use though the second classification identifies with the empowering of new and huge items. The concealed experiences are uncovered through the huge information examination, as this is considered too exorbitant of a procedure.





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