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Tittle: Report on A New Method to improve the energy usage by the main Engine

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A New Method to improve the energy usage by the main Engine

In this Topic, we firstly define efficient energy use; the purpose is how to reduce the energy which is required to provide the power to product services. For Example Insulating home appliances allows a building to have the heat and cooling energy to maintain and balanced the room temperature like led lights reduces the amount of energy instead of using traditional high voltage bulbs. Energy efficiency is the method used to improve the usage of energy; improvements can be made through energy efficiency by gaining the most powerful and less voltage taking technology or by applying standard methods to decrease the loss of power. The energy usage are also may motivate by having different improvement, as to save the energy reduced the usage of electricity, and it may also result in a financial cost saving. International energy organization they find a solution to keep the power consumption in the buildings; they made L.E.D lights and Appliance these appliances consume low energy and work properly. And in the industrial transportation make new revolution they make hybrid engine development that reduces the consumption of fuel. And this transformation also helpful for the environment to control the global emission of greenhouse gasses (K, 2013).

In this paragraph, an example of ship new way of reducing the power is introduced, the “EEE” ship redesigned by the several dimension process and the latest modification is done in its engine to reduce the consumption of energy and fuel, with consistent follow up the procedure of the performance identification and by enabling the design, ideas by amplifying them in daily routine to make the project useful. The variations make in its engine(new generation design) through energy flow modeling. The tool that is developed is itself an outstanding and flexible at the system that can accept the data into a different format and in the many levels of accuracy. Such tractability is needed when the models of energy are design for distinct purposes. The study of the concept of machinery sytem to check the feasibility of the process of new products. It is possible to make the follow-up of the main points the performances that indicate the quality of ship's design and detailed description of the ship’s model, which is continuing with the operational follow-up (Janić, 2014).

The latest developments can be made in the power engine of the ship and strongly noticed the wastage of heat recovery system, and the solution is made in the field of how to utilize the waste heat. Then they find a way to use this in turbines system of exhausts the gases and steam absorption chillers. They may also be used in heat exchangers, boilers, and in the heat pump system. According to the company, variations can be done in the fuel system, model, or design of the enigine, heat recovery system on an 80% basis from the previous design for it’s better performance regarding the previous one. Reaching the goal on this level the most highest saving potential made by the company for taking a centered approach to viewing all the heat processes in the ship (K, 2013).

As in the view of changing the suggestion for a required system to understands the fundamentals of the waste heat and recover it into the potential energy, in the various ships heat flow through this process including new features of latest versions of tools one of them is efficiency analysis of the heat utilization. This type of analysis worked on the principle of thermodynamics that helps to find out the potential improvement in the heating system and ultimately identifying the best sources of converting waste heat into electricity. In the end to make the project successful it is essential to make the right things or decisions at the right time. If bu can not make the right decision at the right time you the company honor maybe face the loss, and his company may face the problems. The concept design is simply a circular phase, and the most critical choices against the ship's efficiency are made during early time of period (Zhao, 2014).