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  Title: Essay on positive global leadership style

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In the article positive global leadership style written by Carolyn M, Yousef and Fred Lathan are talking and discussing the Positive global leadership but before going in deep what does this word mean? This is about playing a positive role in the community, this positive global leadership style helps to bring different people together from different areas and places. These people have a basic purpose and a positive global leadership style helps to empower and encourage them so that they can step up and can further lead in such a way so that they can create the value for all the stakeholders. All of them who embrace this leadership style are the ones passionate as well as authentic because their work is being shaped or molded through a very strong foundation.

We all are well aware that how rapidly globalization is increasing day after day and in this era, different organizational leaders are facing unique and exceptional kinds of complexities. To overcome these challenges and meet up with the demands, different kinds of positive approaches have been discussed. A positive global leadership style plays a positive role. There are several different organizations and among all, only those become successful who find ways to emphasize a positive attitude as well as an outlook in the workplace. It not only helps in bringing a positive attitude in employees but it also helps in bringing the motivation as well.

Different challenges are being faced which have been mentioned by writers in this article but for every challenge, there is also a solution that helps them as well. One of the best solutions that have been found to make the roots strong of positive leadership styles, different kinds of short training programs should be arranged to make people motivated and help them in better learning as well as understanding. This is not only helpful in one way but it can also be one of the most effective approaches related to performance management. Here comes an example, recently different experiments, as well as longitudinal studies, have been conducted and both of them indicated that PsyCap is a cause of performance and above all more directly an analysis of one experiment have also been found that the amount or level of positivity in any of the leader also helps in influencing their followers. Positivity in their performance can be seen easily in a short period. If we talk about it in other words, in an addition to the rich academic foundation for the positive global leadership style, there are multiple practical ways for the implementation of this research that helps in the showing of positive results too.

In the end, I would like to conclude by writing this that positive global leadership offers integrative as well as a systematic approach to develop, internal behaviors, managing and last one is the betterment and positive results in the performance of different leaders. This also helps in making the followers or employees positive and more motivated. Organizations also become strong and when the organization gains reputation it takes no time to make its roots strong in the society as well as the common people living in that society. Many of the positive dimensions are expanded into the context of leading across different cultures. On the other side, globalization helps in presenting the leaders with unique opportunities and challenges to make them learn in a better and different way from the other people. Through this, they become confident as well. Positive global leadership helps in influencing the capabilities of leaders as well as employees, facilitation of the development in a short time and making them strengthened in two different ways individually and in the global environment as well. Positive global leadership should be adapted by every leader as it doesn’t only help them but it helps the whole community to become strong and motivated.