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Tittle: Repot on Startup investment management of the telecommunication relay service (TRS)

Type: Report

Subject: Management / Communications




Table of Contents


Introduction 3

Theoretical and methodical basic of Startup investment management 5

1.1 Investing in startups as an object of research 5

1.2 Features and problems of Startup Investment Management 9

1.2.1 Structure 9

1.2.2 Justifications of relevance 10

1.2.3 Types of investors 11

1.2.4 What do investors want? 15

1.2.5 Features and problems of investment 18

1.2.6 Criteria for selection of the investor 19

1.2.7 Criteria for startup selection by the investor 19

1.3 Finance startup business 19

1.3.1 Justifications of relevance and importance of this section 20

1.3.2 The vision of Attracting Investors to Finance Startup Business 24

1.3.3 Concept chart 25

Conclusion 25

References 26

Chapter 1

Introduction of Startup investment management of The telecommunication relay service (TRS)

Relevance and Importance of Startup investment management of The telecommunication relay service (TRS)

The telecommunication relay service (TRS) also called as IP relay service, which allows every single person who is facing hardships in the hearing for the communication with others and using the standard telephone with the communication assistance. The telecommunication relay service offers the hearing carry over as well as the voice carry over options. Where the voice carry-over makes individual allowed with an impairment of hearing for speaking or communicating straight to the other people as well as reading the reply which is typed and sent by the a communication assistant while the hearing carryover also allows individual with the impairment of hearing to listen the voice of others as well as the relay the typed response back to the user’s phone by communication assistance.

Objective of Startup investment management of The telecommunication relay service (TRS)

To portray the trends as well as upcoming for the telecommunication relay service (TRS) business market above the forecast years, the main goal or objective of the worldwide telecommunication service market is. From the experts of the market, the important data on the telecommunication relay service has been collected. Therefore, the size of the market is also discussed as well as predicted form the current year to future years on the basis of the report.

Furthermore, it has been increased by the attentiveness of the market for the development as well as bringing the improvement in the new discoveries in the very recent years.

Moreover, with the rising number of people who are deaf, hard of hearing as we as the deaf blind is the major factor for growth drive of the market of telecommunication relay service globally? The rising investment in the research and development (R&D), as well as the increasing number of competition in the market from the key competitors in the market, are also some key factors who are the growth drivers of the market of TRS globally.

In the beginning, the TRS was connected by the teletypewriters, while the advancements in the technology have controlled for the text capability on the real-time of the relay services by using the smart devices such as the laptop computers as well as the smartphones. So this important factor is further providing the strength to grow the market of TRS globally.

In the subject of the research, the main focus of this study will be on the major points of what the telecommunication relay service is as well as what kind of major things are required in the investment of the telecommunication relay service. There are key benefits for are here for the stakeholder of the telecommunication relay service. The research or study is proving a widespread analysis of potential as well as the current marketing trends within the global telecommunication relay service. The analysis of the market globally extensively provides assistance for getting a better understanding of the key practices which are using in the industry for making them better as well as strong decisions for the investment in this business. Furthermore on the practices, the report is also telling about the key issues or some problems in the market, and because of that kind of issues, decision making is a very hard or challenging task to raise investment. The technique, practices or approaches or methodologies will provide you a brief analysis of the practices as well as on making beneficial decisions in the telecommunication relay service (TRS) (SHU, 2006).

Furthermore, the brief analysis or the report on the telecommunication relay service factors which are very powerful in the market as well as the key drivers of growth of the market, as well as the brief report shows that those factors put some limitations on the growth of the market too which. The research enlightens some other aspects of such as the key players in the market, are also highlighted as well as in this report as well as their significant techniques or strategies are analyzed in very deeply in this report that will help you to provide a better understanding of the environment of the market and the industry that how powerful competitor around there. Within the framework of the market, the top competitors in the market in the industry of the telecommunication relay service conduct the analysis of TRS by monitoring. The in-depth quantitative study of the future, as well as current estimations of the market, is provided by this report that makes it easy for getting a better understanding of the determination of the opportunities in the prevailing market.