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Posted By Admin @ Feb 28, 2022

Miracles from Heaven
Miracles from Heaven
Question: 1
The whole movie “Miracles from Heaven” is centred on personal faith and trust. In the movie, a little girl named Annabel had a chronic stomach problem. The problem was quite intensive as the little girl has nearly died. The movie shows how a family behave towards this issue and what level of faith they had for the survival of Annabel. Christy (her mother) visited doctors, consultants, and tried her best, by all means, to save her daughter from death. Throughout the movie, her faith was changing. The part of the movie that depicts faith as a personal trust is when she heard about the rare illness of Annabel but still, she hopes to save her from the reality of death and life-threatening battle. Moreover, again when her daughter Annabel claims that she had visited heaven that moment was also a clear projection of faith as personal trust.
Question: 2
We must have to remember God’s goodness and faithfulness during testing times as such times show that how much we trust the power and existence of our God. As in the movie “Miracles from Heaven" the little girl was having a life-threating battle but still, she was having faith in the blessings and mercy of her God. In my life, I also have many ups and downs, however, throughout these times I ever had faith in the goodness of my God. Life tested my faith when in my childhood my father was fallen ill. I hold on the situation and controlled my feelings with the help of my faith in my God. I thought that God never let his creation alone and there can be a blessing in disguise. Thus, faith and trust in the goodness of God helped me to hold on.
Question: 3
Anna has perfectly captured the beauty of childlike faith as she presented the feelings of the child after having a miracle of visiting heaven in the dream. Throughout the scenes and film child willingness to believe is high. She believed that she have visited heaven when she saw heaven in her dream. She recovered from illness after her out-of boy trip to heaven. The movie captured these scenes by depicting visual effects. Her believe of having a miracle and visit to heaven supported her to deal with her illness and get recovery easily however situation could be different in case she had not such believes.
Question: 4
The overall story of "Miracles from Heaven" movie is really attractive which has a lesson for our children and youngsters about faith and trust in God. However, excluding this lesson, the whole movie seems a fascination and imagination. The faith based audience of this movie may object to the unapologetic manipulations. In accordance with my realizations and learnings the movie “Miracles from Heaven” has a lesson for all of us that we need to follow up. I learned from the movie “Miracles from Heaven” that when we trust and have faith in God we can better deal with our problems.