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Transformational leadership

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Transformational leadership

Transformational leadership is a leadership style in which leaders identify the criteria where they feel the need of change. Transformational leaders have creative ideas; they create the vision and guide them for to change in the organisation with the help of the inspiration. According to the Avolio, Transformational leaders execute the change in tandem with the commitment with the different members of the organisation .this kind of the leaders motivate the employees, workers and enhance the job performance and moral by using different methods or ways(Avolio, 2014).

 According to the (Hogg, 2012) a transformational leader has following qualities; strong self-management, have the ability to make good decision is critical situations, keep check on their ego, they have the courage to take risks, conscious and sensitive about their mission, having inspirational abilities, proactive and they are visionary. The main purpose of these leaders is to achieve the goal of organisation or to increase the market shares, these leaders help for to bringing innovation in different things(Hogg, 2012).

Firstly, they identify that either there is any need of change or not then, they bring change according to the situation. They also connect the sense of identity of the followers and self-project with the collective identity of the organisation. The leadership experts introduce this concept of the leadership. (Basu, 2014)

According to Burners theory, such kind of the leaders can see that the followers or the leaders make each other advance to the higher level of the motivation or the morality. With the strength of the personality or the vision, these leaders able to inspire the followers for to bring change in the perceptions, expectations or the motivations towards the common goal of the organization(Adeniyi, 2010). According to a research it is found thattransformational leaders are very beneficial for the organisation, because they always think differently with the other people(Bass, 1985).

Transformational leader always bring innovative idea because they want to change in the organization. In this way, it becomes easy for the organisation to increase productivity or the market share of the organisation. Transformational leaders create easiness for the organisation for to achieve the goal. They develop organisation by their different or innovative ideas(Hopkin, 2012). They also help their followers for to become such kind of the leaders and develop different traits in their followers. This thing increases the profit or the growth ratio of the organization(Hogg, 2012).

However, with this it is not easy to bring change in things or in any process of the organisation. It is also important to understand that what are the different changes affects the people of your organisation. These changes may affect positively or negatively on the people of the organisation. It triggers anger, fear, insecurity and resentment. Transformational leadership involves the thinking about ourselves, nature of the education ort our jobs. It is the process for to involve every one for to achieve the goal of organisation or success in life(Basu, 2014).

A group of people can make better decision then the individual. For bringing any change in the organisation, it is necessary to make proper strategies or plans for to achieve the success. Without plans or strategies, it is not easy for to gain success. Strategies or plans provide direction to our work(Lussier and Achua, 2009). Transformational leaders only identify the areas where they feel need of change, for this they bring innovative ideas. Transactional or the transformational leadership was exclusive styles. According to Bass, transformational leadership can be defined on the base of those impacts that has on the followers. Bass suggested that these leaders always get admiration, admiration from their followers(Bass, 1985).

Bass recommended that there are four parts of the transformational leadership. These components are academic stimulation, individualised consideration. Although it’s good for to bring change in theorganization nor it’s necessary for to compete the competitors or to exist in the market.(Bass, 1985)

Transformational leaders act as a role model and display their personality in such way which others and create desire for to want to become more like a leader. Idealized influences of the transformational leaders influence them for to take risk and follow some of the core values, ethical principles and convictions in different actions he takes. Idealization concept of the transformational leaders builds or enhances the trust with his employees and followers, in this way confidence in followers or employees develop(Root, 2007).

Motivation of the transformational leaders enhances abilities or confidence of the employees or the followers. These leaders clear the vision of the company for the future. These leaders communicate different expectations of the people of the group and make obligation for to achieving the goals or the vision of the organisation that have been laid out. However, for this these leaders require superb communication skills so that leader can clearly convey his message to the workers or the employees with the precision, sense and power of authority(Schieltz, 2007).

 Some of the other behaviors of the leaders are including his continued enthusiasm and optimism or the ability to point out the positive.These leaders support their followers involving them in the stimulating their efforts or in the decision making process to be as innovative or creative as possible to identify the solutions of the problems. They help them to their followers that when n they have any problem the now is the different ways for to solve those problems(Kokemulle, 2014).

Each person or the followers have the different desires or the needs. For example, the money while others motivates some employees by the motivation or by the change. This element of the transformational leadership helps for to identify the needs of different people or the followers(Mumford, Campion and Morgeson, 2007). These leaders must identify with observation or eavesdropping. Then these leaders motivate each individual follower by the help of coaching, monitoring, and then these leaders provide them opportunities for each team member for customized training center. This act of the transformational leaders helps them for to grow and become in the position for to fulfill their desires. (Kark, 2014)

Multifactor leadership questioner helps for to measures the leaders and their abilities who adopted transformational leadership. According to Avolio,transformational leadership questioner is also known as MLQ 5X short of the standard MLQ(Avolio, 2014).

This measurement scale helps for to identify the characteristics of the transformational leaders and help the individuals for to discover that how can they measure up in the eyes of those with whom they work in their own eyes. We can measure through retesting programs for to track the changes I the style of the leadership. This program provides solid base training on the base of leadership(Kark, 2014).

Benchmark of the MLQ measures the leadership of the transformational leaders. MLQ 360 report is the comprehensive developmental report. (Avolio, 2014)

This scale assesses the full range of the leadership behaviour

  1. Idealized behaviour
  2. Idealized attributes
  3. Inspiration stimulation
  4. Inspiration motivation
  5. Individualised consideration

In prolonging the discussion about transformation leadership Schieltz said that there are different strengths or the advantages of the transformational leadership. It is better way doing something new. With the help of the transformational leadership we can we can cater the niche markets(Schieltz, 2007).

Transformational leaders walk ahead two steps from their competitors.These kinds of the leaders handle or manage the companies very actively or efficiently. They create spark in the employees of organisation. These leaders have the ability to for to inspire or develop the vision in the followers. They do best in the organisations with the low morale. (Venkataramani, 2014)

Vision is another advantage of this leadership style. They have the ability to access quickly current situation of the company and then they formulate the vision for the improvement or the growth of the organisation. This advantage or the strength of the organisation help to deal all the challenging situation of the company because they can see the picture or can observe what next will be happen. Inspiration is also strength of these leaders. They motivate or influence aligns with the vision of the transformational leaders(Root, 2007).

Enthusiasm and passion are the common traits, which enable them to get employees or the team members in any company or the organisation for to optimize performance. These leaders develop the further leaders from their followers. The legacy of the transformational leaders creates a mentor protégés line, which leads some of the innovative waves in the business(Venkataramani, 2014).

With the help of these leaders, the productivity of the organisation increases. In this way, new expectations in the followers take place(Sarros et al., 2014).  Transformational leadership model or the situational leadership model good behaviour and they adopt world better suited to constantly new challenges for leadership. (Kokemulle, 2014)

The most important benefit of this kind of the leadership is that they do the things according to the proper planning. In this way, it becomes easy for the organisation to achieve the goal because they provide them a guideline which helps hem that what they will have to do in next. In other words, we can say that they provide the directions to the work of the organisation(Avolio, 2014).

The purpose of this leadership is bring out the abilities of the employees that they have, or spend time with the employees and discuss different or the innovative ways for to make easy the jobs of the employees. According to (Basu, 2014) Transformational leaders also provide them plans for to develop their carrier. This thing helps for to create strong bond relation between employees or the managers(Basu, 2014).

Transformational leaders are constantly involved in the growth or the ongoing development of the employees. When company grows these leaders, maintain close contact between employees or the company. They can also increase the growth rate of the organisation with the help of employees or on the base of his experience.(Root, 2007)

These leaders some time put people in the involvement of the risk, as they sometime challenge by the market leaders. These leaders some time create conflict in the people who resist for change(Srivastava, Bartol and Locke, 2006). Due to the ability some time these leaders become overconfidence, they use improperly of these influences or the inspiration. These leaders only show that how the tasks should be accomplished with the power of the determination to their subordinates(Bass, 1985).

These leaders accept everything even the risks only for to achieve the goal of the organisation and for changes. Nevertheless, it is not good all the time. They have to take steps according to the situation of the organisation. Because in later entire operations of the organisation will suffer if they always do unethical or immoral behavior. Leaders under this kind of the leadership should lead with inspired or enthusiasm their employees. All the employees work harmoniously with same vision of the organisation(Duggan, 2010).

They tell about the other achievements of the group to your subordinates, which encourage or inspire them for to go commitment towards the goal of the organisation, by giving long hours of working and unreasonable deadlines, which cause not to inspire to your work. Another weakness of this leadership is that they create ideas without the any merit.(Travis, 2009)

By conducting workshops,Kark stated that these leaders provide innovative thinking that helps their team to for to think or generate complex ideas. Some time these leaders can be overemphasized. Transformational leaders monitor or coach their followers for to work in the form of group and at the same time, they consider the needs of the individuals(Kark, 2014).

Venkataramani said that It will be a great help in the organisation turns and the transition for to offer some of the carrier development opportunities, such as meetings, conferences, seminars that enable tem for to increase some of the skills, knowledge or expertise(Venkataramani, 2014). 

However, with this it is also important for to maintain or accept the commitments of the individual despite of the diversity(Slocum, n.d.). It is also necessary that the leaders have to consider and have to balance the needs of the group. Nevertheless, they do not do so. Assuming motivation of the followers is another disadvantage of transformational leadership(Kokemulle, 2014).

Leaders under this kind of the leadership do not consider the changes according to the situation. They also assume that their followers or the group members also want to work towards the great goal that they all want to reach. In the presence of the formational leaders whole organisation depend on one self. (Duggan, 2010)

For the people who have the lack of inspiration, charisma, and communication skills even if they have enough experience or the necessarily skills for to rake change in the organisation. Duggan said that Transformational leaders are the time consuming these leaders takes time. They invest energy or time for to build trust, because they have to convince to goal wards the goal or the mission of the organization(Duggan, 2010).

Organizations to achieve the instant results installed the transformational leaders due to which they have to face disappointment or the frustration. This leadership is powerful but organisations not always use them morally(Yukl, 1999). Some the examples are the Martin Luther King or the Nelson Mandela are associated with the transformational leadership, not all who influence or empower fit the definition, even after the great opposition they encouraged the people to fight for their rights(Schieltz, 2007)

Aolf Hitler is another example of a transformational leader from the history. Adolf Hitler had strong convincing power and with the help of his charismatic personality, he attracts people towards him and through his strong leadership skills, he convinces them to follow his vision. His way of convincing was that much powerful that people started to follow him even for a cause that was dark(Römgens, 2012).

The conclusion is that the transformation leaders are very important for the growth of the organisation. They play important role for to increase the profits of the organisations or the company’s. Their think ability is, ore or the different then the other employees of the organisation. Most of the organisations recruit or search such kind of the leaders because they know that they are the need of the organisation.(Gitsham and Peters, 2009) They also make their followers transformational leaders. In this competitive age it become very difficult for the organisations for to exist in the markets but leaders make or generate some of the innovative ideas which create easiness for to exist in the market or to compete the competitors. Transformational leaders play important roles in the organisation for to increase growth level. Like Nelson Mandela who was a good transformational leader, he had ability for to motivate or inspire their followers.


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