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Tittle: Report on Marketing Strategy of Starbucks Company in Saudi Arabia






Acknowledgement of Marketing Strategy of Starbucks Company in Saudi Arabia

I am highly thankful to my Parents, my teachers, and my friends who provided their support throughout my studies and especially for this project.

Table of Contents

About the Company 4

Literature Review 4

Objective of the study 5

Methodology 5

Hypotheses 6

Results 6

Major Findings 10

Suggestions 11

Conclusion 11

References 12

Appendix 1: Questionnaire 13

About the Marketing Strategy of Starbucks Company in Saudi Arabia

Starbucks is a leading brand in Saudi Arabia. The major things which helped Starbucks to become the leading brand are all about its significant marketing strategies. Although it did not rely on the conventional marketing strategies even then the company is a leading brand. It is all about the provision of the quality products in order to attain the customer satisfaction.

At present, Starbucks has started making investments to the advertising for its product. The TV commercials are intended to provide the people with the most romantic flavors available at the Starbucks in Saudi Arabia. It better helps to attract the increased count of the customers (starbucksforyouthksa, 2019).

Literature Review of Marketing Strategy of Starbucks Company in Saudi Arabia

In this era of competition, all the organizations have the aim to attract the increased count of customers along with their retention. The more the customers a company have, the better it helps to increase the firm’s profitability along with the market share. It can be said that the marketing strategies are if effective then it helps the customers to know more about a specified product and try it. In case the customers feel satisfaction then they may prefer to choose the similar product again and again (notesmatic, 2019).

The marketing strategy of Starbucks is so unique and the starting point is the product of Starbucks. The high quality coffee tends to make the Starbucks more differentiated from its competitors. The main thing is the product quality. The marketing strategy is not only limited to the product but also other techniques for the product sale and promotion better helps the firm to attract the customers (coschedule, 2019).