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Brand Audit
By A.B.C
Brand audit
Adidas is the most famous and competitive brand in the world of athletes and sports. The company was founded in 1945 by Adolf Dassler as the founder of the company. His goal behind making of this company is to give excellent footwear for the athletes in their field of sports such as football, basketball, running, and training. Aldo has made his first footwear with limited raw material during World War 1 (, n.d.). After serving 70 years in Adidas the Dassler family withdraws from the company, then the company was handed over to the Salmon group, then he has made a lot of variations in the brand such as Reebok, which was the markable truncation in the history of Adidas. And the three-striped logo of the brand inspired by Olympus. And now the brand is dealing with all accessories of the footwear and the appreals.
Qualitative Research
In the qualitative research analysis of the Adidas, we review the marketing value of our brand. The brand audit every year can strengthen and fresh your brand. The company can preview through different resources by analyzing the reviews of the customer. By checking the revisions on the website, what are the views of the people regarding the brand? What people can think about the brand and what they said about his quality. And the company may asses through following social media pages after reading their comments about the brand. Other methods can also be used, such as the survey methods; in this, we make a questionnaire regarding the relevant topic, by email survey, online survey, and telephonic survey.
The qualitative research study method can be used for viewing the marketing value (Baker & Hart, 2016) of the Adidas in the Audit. The focus group study method is used; in this method, two groups of participants can choose this method of research; each group consists of 5 participants. In the focus group, the discussion was held on the topic Adidas as a brand, and everyone is free to say their words on the issue, and then the leader takes interview of the participants and asks them questions about the related topic, the focus group research study is easy to analyze. The people will make a brief discussion on it; they discuss the quality, the designs, and the making of the footwear products. The targeted population gives positive responses to the brand (Kapferer & Bastien, 2012).
Strengths and Weaknesses
• Brand image
Adidas is a famous brand of sports in the world. On the other side, Nike is becoming the most powerful brand in the market; still, the Adidas is most popular around the world. The Adidas pay more focus on the brand image in marketing. That’s why he works more on the quality of the product, which is resulted in an increased in popularity, which is beneficial in gro0wing sales and higher brand equity. Besides all this, the Adidas pay more focus on the better consumer experiences to strengthen the brand image (Bush, 2019 ).
• Focus on Marketing
The Adidas pay a strong emphasis on Marketing. They invest a large and massive part in digital promotions and marketing, which is reaching gout on the news channels that are used by the customers. And this gives attractiveness in the product sale, and it also leads the customer relations in overall brand. The higher investment in digital communication increased the growth rate of shares in the market. Apart from this, sponsorship can be made with famous athletes to promote the growth of the brand in the market.
• Innovative Products
To make stronger the position of the sports equipment in the goods industry, the Adidas pay focus on creating the products according to the regular and professional athlete needs on daily basis in their games. Adidas is highly concerned about maintaining the commitment as required for the innovation of the product, and they are bringing new technologies in the making of shoes. Adidas pays most of his focus on creating innovative products to make the performances of the athletes in the best and comfortable way.
• Distribution of Networks and Marketing supply chain
The distributed networks and supply chains are the strength of Adidas (, 2019). Its main products can take place through independent suppliers. To keep the cost of the product low, Adidas relaid most of his production by the individual supplier; these independent suppliers are everywhere in Asia. The Adidas work on the strategy of supply chain partners and the brand gives detailed information about his product and production delivery. Most of the product manufacturing facilities are located everywhere in the world.
• Using excellent material and labor may increase the sales cost
Sales cost can be described as expenses that Adidas is giving this to the third party related to its production delivered products. Including the cost sales, the creation of Adidas is so expensive. Spending too much on productivity may be stronger for the business growth, but on the other side, not so favorable for the heading rates, higher input cost may because of spending too much on labor and raw-material.