Captain Underpants And The Bluest Eye Are Examples Of ________.

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The car navigation system is a component of the controls of automobiles for finding the paths in the car. The navigation system is basically very powerful system that helps the car driver to find the exact paths as well as the new directions for having a safe journey. Most of the time, the driver has no idea to go on the desired place or lack of information where his / her desired location exists and the driver has to stay at a single place to ask the proper address or the directions to reach there. The navigation system made the task to reach the desired location so easy because it provides optimum paths in the graphical representation on the Google-connected maps in the interface of the navigation device fixed in the cars, which is connected with internet as well as with the satellite. In this report, a brief history is provided on the navigation systems, which were so costly and needed a lot of improvement as well as it was also so expensive and costly. A brief analysis of the car navigation systems is also provided you to become familiar with this system to adopt. The conclusion part provides the overall summary and theme for quick view of the system.


 GPS is one of the most valuable services to bear out of the latest technology as well as is also now installed in every smartphone as well as the particular device in several cars and different types of automobiles. Although, the navigation system was proved to get from position A to position B so tricky in the early years of the automobiles. At that time, it was very difficult to find the roads and highway because they were situated at far away as well as some little signs of the roads or the traffic signboards were fixed to find the direction but the signboard which fixed on the road were also distant, so the path lost rate was so high that consumed a lot of time to reach from current location to the desired location. To see the need for the maps in automobiles, especially in the cars, it did not take long mapmakers as well as it started by paper foldable maps for finding the right directions that pushed in the compartment of the glove turned within a multi-billion dollar industry. Furthermore, it all begun with Iter Avto.

Iter Avto

The technology with the name of Iter Avto was designed, developed, and introduced in the year of 1930. The technology was like a tool for the map guidance subsequently it did not give any kind of voice prompts or voice supported tool as well as it did not use the satellite by the way. The tool just only showed the road directions which came into market with the paper maps.

Furthermore, on Iter Avto tool, it was the device that had the papered maps wrapped in the bucket fixed below the screen of the tool as well as a cable also connected to the tool and the speedometer that handled the speed of rolling. Because of the speed of rolling, it shows the estimated location on the map. In the technical words, the map moving speed was directly proportional to car velocity. Mathematical rules were applied in this tool, so it did show the correct point on the map fixed in the display screen of the tool. The big problem with this tool was that the driver had to change the role of the papered map for every single direction which was so time-consuming (Thielmann, 2007).