Chapter 4 They Say I Say Summary

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Tittle: How old do you think prince hamlet should be? Based on your analysis of the play Hamlet, present an argument on the age of the prince”

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The easy question is based on the age of the prince. Prince Hamlet is a major character of William Shakespeare’s Films. He is son of King Hamlet who was the former king of Denmark and now Prince Hamlet is the current Prince of Denmark. He is also a nephew of Claudius. Hamlet was the young film star as well as leading role of different plays. When the old Hamlet was defeated Prince, Hamlet start its profession at that time he was very young. This show that Hamlet age is expected thirty years.

Example, Richard Burbage also presents their facts regarding the age of Hamlet. The young Actor Hamlet played a leading role in the play when these plays were introduced first at the age of thirty-two, some cases show that Hamlet present himself at the age of sixteen years old in the plays industry.

Example, Hamlet was the student of University of Wittenberg and after the age of thirty-years he did not attend the university. He was also a member different social classes and societies named as royalty and nobility. Hamlet has a ruling age when he was thirty years old. Having all of these qualities and popularity many questions arises that why Claudius was selected as a king after his father’s death and why not prince Hamlet elected as a king (Gilchrist).

“That so his sickness, age and impotence

Was falsely borne in hand, sends out arrests”

Word- Borne

OED- Carried by waterborne diseases

Thesis Statement: “Hamlet is not more than thirty years old.” (Gilchrist)

Ophelia and his brother shows that Hamlet age was around 25 to 27 when he proposed Ophelia: Hamlet lover Ophelia was very upset due to Hamlet actions and she seems to be insane and mentally upset. On other side Ophelia brother Laertes ask her that Hamlet love is not permanent it’s just temporary feeling of this age and very soon this feeling will burnt out like a fire or will fade away with the passage of time. As well as Laertes arguments about Hamlet is also a proof of Hamlet’s young age.

Only a young man can plan this all drama with cleverly and full confidence: Hamlet use another way to know about the truth of his father’s death he hired a team to plays the same play like the death incident of his father in-front of his mother Gertrude and his step-father Claudius. Hamlet played his own play in the play. He revised the story of his father’s death as told by the ghost in-front of his parents. This act feels Claudius very guilt but Hamlet continue his drama just to take the actions otherwise he can suffer his revenge in the name of drama feelings as told by his father’s ghost. Claudius got confused and become panic by showing this Hamlet finds the truth. As we know that Hamlet played a real story in his play and this information tell us that only a young man can plan this all drama with cleverly and full confidence so according to my own guess Hamlet was young at this time.

Hamlet was young enough to understand the ghost: After sometimes hamlet fathers ghost appeared in him and he informed him about the reason of his death that he got murdered not the natural death. He also told him that someone put poison in his ear when he was almost sleeping. He also advice the Hamlet to take revenge of his murdered as well as his father’s ghost will remain on the earth and walk every night on earth unless until the murderer caught after knowing this all it can be estimate that Hamlet was young enough to understand the ghost and he was also not afraid of it.

Task of taking revenge of his Father’s death: After all these case Hamlet start playing tricks with his mother and Claudius to know their intensions as well to take revenge of his father’s death. He acted as a mad in-front of his mother and step-father he showed them that he has lost his mental stability due to grief of his father’s death. He kept these tricks secret just to know the truth. On the other side hamlet start analyzing other things he thought that he ghost was actually a devil who wants to commit murder from him he also thought that his fear is just the mixture of his own thoughts. He got caught in his own plans, doubts, and thinking. Hamlet situations and thoughts restrict him to fulfill the task of taking revenge of his Father’s death. In this arguments we have comes to know that hamlet was at the age of 25 years at this time to conduct such drama systematically.

As an argument Hamlet was a young artist and drama star who acted as a leading role in the dramas and films of William Shakespeare’s at a very early stage of his age. He was a young man having many qualities he has very large social circle and has very dramatic qualities. His life is full of incidents he tells all about his reason of depression and sorrow which also include the death of his father all these crises broke the Hamlet.