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Tittle: Report on Leadership Styles and Their Effects






Introduction of Leadership Styles and Their Effects:

Leadership is an effective way to lead the company. Leadership styles depend on the leader, his personality and the way he treats the employees of the company. A leader and his leadership style should be attractive and comfortable, so that the employees feel comfortable working under his leadership. The leadership effects the performance of the employees and on the other hand also enhance the performance of the employees. If the leader is cooperative and true to the organization, then it will have positive impacts on the employees and if the leader cannot communicate with its employees create a communication gap between him and his employees, then it will affect negatively the performance of the employees. Moreover, the leadership style differs according to the different conditions, different location, different traditions and different cultures. Further below, we will discuss that how leadership style differs with different conditions and how different leadership styles affects the performance of the employees and what leadership styles should be adopted by the leaders of the organization, to keep the organization running successfully and improve the performance of the employees and increase the output of the organization.

1. Critically evaluate how certain types of leadership/management styles differ depending on history, culture, geographic life and conditions

There are different leadership styles according to the different culture and different geographical conditions. But to critically evaluate the leadership styles, it is necessary to identify the Seven Leadership Mindsets that are necessary for the development of any organization. The seven leadership mindsets are as follows:

1. Openness of Leadership Styles and Their Effects:

Openness and o accept the flaws and the weakness of the company is really important, as most of the leaders do not believe on the openness and do not follow the rue of the openness. Openness is necessary for any leaders to improve the key areas of the company that are important for the success of the company. Moreover, it is necessary to define the areas that are weak. Most of the leaders hide the weak areas of the company and this has negative impact on the organization as well as the employees working in the organization. A leader is responsible for the success of any company, so leaders should be open and follow the rule of openness while representing an organization.

2. Ambition of Leadership Styles and Their Effects:

Secondly, the leader should be ambitious and it was observed that the leaders who are open to improvement are more ambitious than other leaders because they want to improve the weakness and flaws of the company and the organization and wants to take the company to a next level. And the ambitious leaders are tied more closely to the growth of the organization and the potential existing strategies and the shareholder value. The good leaders keep an eye on the activity of the employees of the company and them when it is the right time to invest and take the company to a new level.

3. Want for ROI of Leadership Styles and Their Effects

The leaders should look upon the ROI. The ROI should be utilized in the organization to invest in the leadership development. ROI should be utilized in the organizations; the ROI is an important factor of the organization as to develop the skills of the leaderhip in the organization.

4. Belief that it’s important of Leadership Styles and Their Effects:

The most important thing that is necessary in the development of nay leader is the personal belief, the belief in the professional and the personal development is necessary as to define the improvements and to improve positively for any organization. This positive improvement of the leader is necessary as to define to improve for the organizational and to improve its leadership skills for the organization.