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Tittle: Report on Comparison between the Jorge Luis Borges and Gabriel Garcia Marquez showing how they used magic realism in their works

Type: Report

Subject: Arts


Two short stories of both the writers are used in this essay. The story of “The Utopia of a tired man” by Jorge Luis Borges and “The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Erendira and Her Heartless Grandmother” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. These two stories of both the writers are utilized to don the comparison and show that how they used magic realism in their works. Both the stories have different topics and themes and both have different things to explain in the stories but both the writers have used magical realism in their stories but in a different way. As magic realism can be described in many different ways: it can be fantasies and the myths as well as it can be beliefs, traditions and culture of an area and every area have different beliefs and cultures and the concept of magic realism is different in different areas and parts of the world.

In the story of the Utopia of a tired man the writer has been in a fantasy and describing the world with his own imagination’s and fanaticizing it as he was travelling between sand dunes and mountains and suddenly he met a future person who has described the harsh reality of the future and has predicted the future. The tone or the theme used in the poem is forbidding as it is a warning for the generation of the future and the change in the human beings and their behavior, a prediction of the future is described in this poem because the writer has used the magical realism in is poem. Some views from different writers have been analyzed for this essay. Jean Fransco has analyzed the story “The Utopia of a tired man”, he said that this story has defined different view of the future and how the person has travelled so far in the sand dunes and met a person of the future, the critic says that there is a disadvantage of using the fiction and magical realism in his poem and that is the persons reading the poems then does not believe on the reality and it detaches the reader as well from the effects of the knowledge that he can gain if he does not read a story that fakes the reality. (Franco, 1981)

 And the most powerful thing in the story of Borges is the community and the enigma and the rivalry of the people living in the different communities. In his poem, the poet has discussed about how the community will be in the future and what are the dangers in the future regarding the people and the traditions, cultures and the beliefs. As well as he has disused about different civilizations and different cultures of different countries and how the civilized has become barbarian and how the barbarian has become civilized, yet Borges has defined a myth with such enthusiasm and connecting it with the reality, that the story seems so powerful and related to the original world. Another writer who has given a review on this story defined it as an imaginative tale, in which Borges has defined the tales with his own imagination and has developed a story that has magical realism. (The New Yorker, 1975)

And in this story Borges has meet a person who is the man of the future and the person lives in his own imagination. As the title of the story defines “The Utopia of a tried man”, shows that the tired man has living in his own imagination due to the stress from the world and the imperfect things that happen in the world so the person has developed his own imaginative world in which all the things are prefect and nothing in that world is creating a disturbance or problem in the life of the future man. Borges has well defined the personality of the man and the