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Posted By Admin @ Feb 24, 2022

Tittle: Paradise found (Islamic culture documentary)

Type: Essay

Subject: History


The documentary of the Islamic culture is based on the journey of art and critic lover, Waldemar Januszczk who sets out an adventurous journey of central Asia to discover the Islamic history and to learn about that history. The main area for targeting the Muslim history is set out in the Middle East which reveals the inspiring factors of the art objects of Islamic history. It helps to create the attention of British public towards the Islamic environment. “Paradise found” going to be an exceptional documentary on Islamic history. While conducting analysis of the Art of Islamic history, which make surprise the researcher how Islamic history is not related to other classes. The documentary of Islamic history is distributed into two parts, which make the journey an epic experience to explore the world with knowledge of historical field and inspiring architecture objects of Islamic history.

The discovery of the Waldemar includes creating the interest of the people to know about the history of Islam. It reveals that architecture and art objects of the Islamic history who possessed expertise of weavers, calligrapher, potters, and jewelers who have a great contribution in building the fascinating history of the Art. The Paradise Found also includes the objects and building, which reveals the hardworking of the traditional people who had work a lot in history to make history more attractive for the learners. For instance, Egyptian history is craved for the traditional rocks which are antique in their nature, which are appreciated by the people who saw it. Likewise other countries Uzbekistan’s history which has unique mosque of West African which is an inspiration for the countries who are going to plan ancient city according to history. Islamic history also has the greatest mosque, just like the Syria capital Damascus.

The history of the Arabians shows the walls made of mud bricks, which are much bigger than the bricks now using by the people. This history of bricks and well dug out of home explains the history of prophets who lived like that. Their houses were covered with palm trees instead of walls, which covers their surroundings. The rational peoples have a history, which is acceptable by the new generation as a valued item, such as antiques and traditional designs. The mosque in Arabia which was built by the prophet before all the mosques came into existence is sacred place for the people who have worked. There was trend to feed the animals and to treat them kindly which reflects in different natures as their prophet teaches the people to treat the animals with great care and kindness. The work in the protective walls also an extra positive point in the history of Islam. Religious places are most protected by the people, and it creates the history of the relevant religion. Likewise the Islamic history based on the mosque which is considered by the people as home of God where people worship. Islamic history is full of with examples of the tradtio0nal virtue of the Muslims. The people who are following Islam know that they have traditional fixed place and direction, which have to follow while offering prayers.