Excel 2019 Skills Approach - Ch 3 Skill Review 3.2

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Tittle: Report on Classical Management Theory and Marriott International






Table of Contents

Classical Management Theory and Marriott International 4

Introduction 4

Classical Management Theory 4

Human Relations Theory 5

X and Y Theory by McGregor 5

Application of Theory to Marriott International 6

Leadership and Marriott International 7

Management and Leadership 8

Human Relations Theory 8

Leadership Theory 9

Organizational Structure 10

Internal and External Factors influencing Management Styles 11

Internal Factors 12

External Factors 13

Hard and Soft Skills 14

Managers 15

Leaders 15

Importance of Soft Skills 16

Managerial Hard Skills versus Leadership Soft Skills 16

Improvement in Soft Skills 17

Change Management 17

People-Centered and Structural Change 17

Change Management Tools 18

Development of Leadership Skills 19

Conclusion 19

Introduction of Classical Management Theory and Marriott International

Marriott International is a diversified American multinational organization that deals with the hospitality business. It possesses a broad portfolio of different types of hotels and lodging facilities. J. Willard Marriott founded the organization and Bill Marriott as Executive Chairman is leading the firm together with Arne Sorenson as the Chief Executive Officer. In the world, the organization is recognized as the third-largest chain of hotels. Additionally, it owns thirty brands together with 7,003 properties in over 130 territories and nations. Considering the fact that it manages such a large network, the organization is a significant area of interest. And in this paper, it will be analyzed from a managerial and leadership perspective (Marriott, 2019).

First of all, in this paper, classical management theories will be explained and then human relation theories will be described. Then, it will be determined which theory is implemented within Marriott. Moving on, the management and leadership at Marriott will be explained in terms of their skills and abilities. Lastly, it will be explained what type of changes should be administered in Marriott for enhancing the performance of management and leadership. Overall, the main theme of this paper is to explore how employees are managed and retained by managers in Marriott.