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Tittle: Report on Contemporary cyber security practice an evidence of IT industry





Abstract of Contemporary cyber security practice an evidence of IT industry

Cybersecurity has turned out as the most threatening risk for business nowadays. Along with the growth of Information Technology, cybersecurity has also emerged and even has ranked as the top 10 threats toward the business in these modern days. The digital world has triggered the rise of cyber-attacks, and for this reason, tech-focused companies have started to recognize the need for implementing or improving cybersecurity systems to secure their business. Implementing a Cyber Security into the company now defines as managing with a developing role; facing the new demands of visibility into business operations, also the new expectations for information and privacy protection. This research covers a complete Contemporary cybersecurity practice evidence of IT industry.


Chapter 1 5

Introduction 5

1.1 Problem Statement 5

1.2 Research objectives 6

1.3 Rationale of the study 6

1.4 Research questions 6

1.5 Significance of the study 6

1.6 Hypotheses development 7

Chapter 2 8

Literature Review 8

2.1 Theoretical Framework 12

Chapter 3 13

Research Methodology 13

3.1 Research Design 13

3.1.1 Research Approach 13

3.1.2 Type of investigation 13

3.1.3 Unit of Analysis 13

3.1.4 Time Horizon 13

3.1.5 Research Strategy 14

3.2 Research Methodology 14

3.2.1 Population of the study 14

3.2.2 Sample and sampling strategy 14

3.2.3 Data Collection Method 14

3.2.4 Pilot Study 14

3.2.5 Response rate 15

3.2.6 Data Analysis Software and techniques 15



4.1 Chapter Introduction 16

4.2 Data coding and recording 16

4.3 Preliminary Analysis 16

4.3.1 Analysis of Reliability of Data 17

4.4 Frequency Analysis of survey 17

4.5 Descriptive Statistics 22

4.6 Correlation Analysis 23

4.7 Regression Analysis 25



5.1 Introduction 27

5.2 Summary of Results 27

5.3 Suggestions and Recommendations 28

5.4 Conclusion 28

References 30

Appendix 1: Questionnaire 32

Chapter 1

Introduction of Contemporary cyber security practice an evidence of IT industry

It is a fact that cyber-attacks are a big threat to infrastructure and systems of companies, individuals and government. The use of technology is increasing with the passage of time, and this increased use is also coming up with several issues and vulnerabilities in the information technology systems. Keeping the cyber security attacks in mind, where credit cards data has been stolen, ATMs are not working, and mutual fund companies are unable to operate; all of them need to consider some counter measures.

If any technology is used on a small scale, its issues and problems can also be small, but when things have become huge part of daily life and businesses as information technology has become, then its relevant issues are obvious to happen. That’s why it is critical for individuals and companies to stay alert and come up with various countermeasures so that they can avoid cyber-attacks in the first place, and if they do happen, then they must have a plan to deal with those threats (Amoroso, 2012).