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Tittle: The Importance of Personal Finance



By doaa aljahdari


The Importance of Personal Finance

Abstract of The Importance of Personal Finance

The importance of personal finance is a life skill that is unaware by almost all individuals in this modern society. This can be seen by how people these days could earn more than our previous generation. Despite, only few people have appropriate knowledge of the best ways to manage the money that earn. Personal finance is the approach, the ways, or the methods to be taken by individuals to manage the money they earn. If an individual is capable of handling his /her personal finance therefore ,this will result into a better financial future (Munohsamy, 2015).

This research aims to analyze the importance of finance in our modern society, along with the knowledge needed in managing individuals personal finance. This work deliberates literature review to present the importance, awareness, and perception of personal finance among society. A questionnaire also has been conducted to get applicable result, in addition to the methodology presented in this research. At the end, conclusions and recommendations are mentioned to finalize this research.

Acknowledgment of The Importance of Personal Finance

I would like to present my great acknowledgment to my warmest supervisor (Professor’s name), who has motivated me and supported me in completing this work. His warm and friendly guidance along with professional advice, are the most valuable things that supported me throughout every stage of this work.

I also present my grateful thanks to my parents, who have always encouraged me to perform the best in completing all my tasks. I would have never succeeded without their help and support.

I would also like to express my big appreciation to my class fellow (Name), who had been helping me in gathering all the pieces into my work. Completing this work would have definitely been tougher without (his/her) friendship and encouragement.

Finally, I also wish to express my big appreciation for my University (University Name) that has given me the opportunity to explore my knowledge more by completing this task.

Table of Contents

The Importance of Personal Finance 2

Abstract 2

Acknowledgment 3

Chapter 1 Introduction 6

Background 6

Research objectives 6

Research questions 7

Company Profile 7

Literature Review 8

Definition of Personal Finance 8

The Personal Financial Management 8

The Significance of Personal Finance Management 10

Steps for individuals to manage their personal finance 10

Chapter 2 Methodology 12

Introduction 12

Data collection methods 12

Primary and secondary 12

Research methods 13

Sampling and population 14

Research instrument 14

Chapter 3 Analysis and Findings 16

Chapter 4 Conclusion and Recommendations 19

References 21

Appendix 1: Questionnaire 23