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Posted By Admin @ Feb 25, 2022

Tittle: Critical Thinking in HRM (Human Resource Management) of Genaflek

Type: Assignment

Subject: HRM


 In the first video, according to the Narrator of this video, Carl Genaflek did meet the old employee after several months. The company of Carl and Genaflek marketing has been acquired by the company of Regina as well as social marketing analytics. The new company name was the RPZ marketing that was acquired from the new results from the acquisition. Furthermore, on the video, Ravin has introduced himself who is the manager of the business development in the RPZ marketing. He did tell so many things about the new notable developments in the company, as well as tell about some of the very interesting strategies of the marketing that are very useful for the business maximization. The company is a new one in the market that is considered as a merger among Genaflek marketing as well as the social media analytics of RPZ marketing.

As a pioneering leader within industry of marketing, what the things Genaflek marketing brings on the table that has the experience of thirty years as well as what the social media analytics of the RPZ company brings on the table that has some kind of expertise within the strategies of the contemporary social media marketing such as the optimization of the search engine. They will be serving your diverse media requirements with the conjoint expertise that are better than others within the industry of marketing.

Carl introduced himself in this video with the name of Carl Genaflek who is the founder of Genaflek marketing. He is very happy as well as very excited to have a new partnership. He said that it will be benefitted by both of their new as well as old customers through associated expertise of both of the companies. To spend extra time with the family, he will be parting for day to day running of the marketing business while he will continue to play very active roles with the marketing company.

Ravin said that there is no one fit size for all solutions in the business of nowadays for the requirements of the marketing. They will be able to form the service package individually that the leverage of the traditional strategies for the marketing as well as the innovative leverages of marketing strategies which can reflect the dynamic world of the social media.

Josh said that for the Genaflek family for about 10 years, he has been an honoured part as well as that he is excited about the notable opportunities which come with this kind of merge of the company. I look forward to working with old customers as well as the consumers for the formation of the new social media strategies of the groundbreaking as well as he also looks forward to the working with those clients who are new for developing the comprehensive strategies form up ground.

Furthermore, Regina said that they are thrilled to avail the new opportunity for serving the needs of distinguished marketing. In the last of the video, ravin said that they are all in RPZ marketing company is now looking forward to working more in the effective as well as efficient way as well as the clients of the company within the new innovative and the new ways.