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Posted By Admin @ Feb 25, 2022

Tittle: Report on About Us ( E-commerce company)

Type: Report

Subject: Communications


Who We Are ( E-commerce company)

As for our name, “Andorinha, activist and businessman” aims to save the forests in amazon. Our organization is idealized by the biggest transportation group in Brazil. We always dedicate ourselves to work along with some private businesses in other countries, with only one purpose, to save the Amazon forest. Every single money that we collect from the sincere donors will be directly distributed on planting new trees on the amazon forest.

Our Drive ( E-commerce company)

Earth is a home for all of us, so it is our collective responsibility to save the planet from various dangers of climate change and environmental issues. We need to preserve natural resources so that our future generations can have enough means of living their lives. The way natural resources are being consumed and wasted, there could be a dangerous future for our planet earth. That’s why we realized that each one of us has a responsibility to play their part in saving the earth, its energy as well as natural resources. Our struggle is going on for the last 15 years, and we are committed to doing give our best in the future as well.

With keeping our slogan of “Fight for the Future,” we have been dedicated to “Save the Amazon Forest.” We are looking forward to all the sincere donors all around the world to support us in this project so that we can save the Amazon Forest. It is important to mention here that we have a goal to plant One Billion trees in the Amazon forest regardless of the time length. We are not going with this project in any time-bound manner, because the goal is huge, and our ultimate priority is to complete it as soon as possible. But it can only happen if we all understand why it is important to save Amazon Forest. Amazon forest is not only beautiful, but it is also the biggest place on earth, having the most number of animals as well as plants. It is estimated that around 400 to 500 tribes are living in the Amazon. You would be amazed to know that the number of trees is more than the number of stars in the Milky Way. The Amazon rainforest is great and important for the whole earth and its atmosphere because it releases a great amount of moisture. The role of Amazon is crucial in keeping the world cooler and reduces the damages of climate change. The current ecosystem of Amazon is critical for the environment of the whole earth as it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide and releases more oxygen. The Amazon is facing a great Danger in recent times due to climate changes and rising temperature of the earth.

So, it is time for us to react as quickly as possible and save the Amazon because we are all connected with it in one way or the other. Help us by your donation to reach the goal of planting One Billion Trees.

Video Script: Why to save the Amazon?

Do you know about the largest rainforest in the world?

The largest rainforest in the world is Amazon that is considered almost 5,500,000 km2 in size. The type of this rainforest is tropical. People also say or call it the tropical island. The location of this tropical amazon rainforest in Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Guyana, French Guiana Bolivia, Peru, Surname as well as Peru are. It is the largest ever rainforest around the world that covers almost 40% area of South America. It has an estimated 390 billion trees, which are divided into 16,000 species.