Getting Under The Hood Of An Annual Report

Posted By Admin @ Feb 25, 2022

Tittle: Financial Performance Analysis of Roku Inc.

Type: Report

Subject: Finance


Roku Inc. is a company operating its business in the platform of television streaming. The company supports the users to connect with the streaming content, allows the content producers to form and monetize the audience, as well as providing advertisers which have the capabilities to engage the entire customers (, n.d.). The business platform of Roku Inc. enables its users to personalize their content assortment with an offer of cable television spare and extra streaming services that will suitable for their needs and financial budget.

Roku Inc. arrived in the public in September 2017 and has made hit more than $20s in only a session after it is launched. The following recession bottomed out in November has delivered a way to a drive-fueled improvement that slowed down in the higher $50s in December. In 2018’s second quarter, the company has set up the powerful level of trend that achieved a bigger $70s in October. The weakening into end of 2018 has wiped out achievements earned by the company between April and October, finding backup at $26.30 in the month of December, and at the same time, the following wave of recovery has completed a round journey into the previous upper in May 2019. Suddenly the stock broke out and resulting in sturdy rally waves that approached the most upper at $176.55 in the month of September. Most of the shareholders were going to exit, throwing down the stick over $100 despite the fact that the company has given up 100% of its rally wave that began in August (FARLEY, 2019).

The sell-off ended the first failure for Roku Inc. and has indicated an initial warning for the uptrend to end. On the other hand, the same indication in 2018 between March and December has failed severely, along with the stock hit the fresh highs in 5 months. Even though the same consequence might not appear this time, but at least, it has alarmed the market players to take an offer of profits opportunity. Thus, meanwhile the bounce in October has reversed, but Roku stock might post higher easily in November or else December. Still, there is an argument of short-term price outline against a vast improvement to the high in September, proposing range-bound activity into the innovative decade. The daily chart of Roku Inc, between 2018 and 2019 presented in the figure below.