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Posted By Admin @ Mar 01, 2022

Tittle: Essay on A dark night



The night was similar to every other night. The moonlight was illuminating every house but the clouds covered the moon occasionally as well. In the night, a boy with a hoodie over his head was walking with his hands in his pockets. His posture was slouched and nothing interesting had happened in the whole day. What a boring day. He thought and sighed at his own line of thought before he heard a whisper when he passed an alley and halted instantly. What was that? He thought before he leaned a little to the right to see what was happening in the alley.


He had wide eyes when he saw three boys looming over a girl. Even from a significant distance, he could see the glint of lust in their eyes. He instinctively took a step forward when he saw them laugh in an evil manner.

I have to do something! He thought before he ran right towards them and punched the middle one.

After some fighting, these boys ran away from that place. He picked that girl up, and there was a clear image of her deep cleavage in her short white top. Fenton was staring at her, but he gave his hood to her and took her to his home. His home was far away during that time. He asked many questions from her. But she was just quiet and didn’t say anything. In the end, he reached his home and gave her protection. Evangeline knew that he was a good boy. Fenton was started to change his shirt, and Evangeline was watching him at that time. She started biting her red lips when she saw his six-pack and his seductive body. Fenton went towards the kitchen and started to make something for her. He was trying to make a coffee for her. Suddenly the weather got rough, and there was a lot of raining with a huge thunderstorm. He made a coffee for her and sat beside her. Both of them were staring at each other and then suddenly the light switched off. Then after this, Fenton went to light up the candles so that Evangeline would feel comfortable. Evangeline was wearing a small top with a black skirt. The front two buttons of the shirt were broken, and there was a clear view of her black bra and ample breasts. She had a voluptuous body.

All in vain, Evangeline got near to him and asked him are you single. I haven’t met someone like you who were watching such a seductive body and never tried to do anything. Just after some time, the candle died out due to wind. Fenton went to light up the candles again. At that time, Evangeline holds his hand and put it on her breast. Fenton was completely a student. His heartbeat was increased, and he sat beside her and started staring towards her. Evangeline was also taking a deep breath and watching him with her seductive eyes.

She slowly crawled over him and straddled him, but he sat while his hands supported him. At that position, she started to open his shirts button. After opening each button of his shirt, she kissed seductively on his chest and bit his chest with her red lips. Then after this, she has gone for the Next button and does the same with her lips. Fenton grabbed her hair and picked her face towards him, and started to suck her smoking red lips. The blood was pouring out from the mouth of a girl. Both of them were kissing each other desperately and rolling over the bed.

Now Evangeline is lying down on the bed, and Fenton is on her. Fenton was starting to kiss on her neck, and Evangeline was opening her mouth with her eyes closed. She was enjoying the moment of joy. Then after this, the level of lust becomes more enhanced.

Fenton started to kiss on her neck and slowly come down towards her attractive breasts. He started to open all buttons of her top, but by doing that, the one-button was struck. Then he just tore her shirt and had a clear image of her beautiful breast that poured out from her black bra. Fenton started to grab these breasts slowly and with proper care. Evangeline was only grabbing his arms and scratching it with her long nails.

Evangeline lay down on her back, Fenton started to kiss on her back he covered all back with kisses. Then he opened the hook of her bra with his teeth. Now again, Evangeline sat on the body of Fenton and opened all buttons of his shirt. Now she started to open the hook of his pent and remove it roughly.

At that stage, what she saw was his dick, and it was like a steel rod and standing firmly. Evangeline holds it and started to rub it with her both hands. Then she grabbed his dick with her pair of breasts and started to rub it and then started to suck gently.

After that, she grabs it firmly and again started to rub it hard with her hands. Then Fenton puts his dick insider her entrance. Evangeline was lying on the bed and making seductive faces when the first time his dick entered into her entrance. By doing this, he was also grabbing her breast firmly and pressing it with care. She was making extremely seductive voices when his dick was inside her body. After some time, his dick was covered with blood. But he never stopped by doing this with her. Evangeline was shouting fast and hard, and then he started to make penetration faster. She was enjoying every moment with pure lust. Then after this, he put her on his lap, fucking her harder with his dick. At this position, her breasts were started to bounce quite smoothly. Fenton was staring at her large bouncy breasts. At that time, Evangeline was highly excited and just grabbing the arm of Fenton.

Just after this, she hugged him and started to drink blood from his neck. Fenton is just penetrating hard with his dick. She was just sucking blood from his neck. Then after this, the blood was pouring out from the mouth and dropping on her large breasts. And then these drops were slipping from her breast towards her tummy.