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Tittle: The decision support system in healthcare

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Subject: Healthcare


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Industry overview / Scenario of The decision support system in healthcare

I did select the health care industry for the decision support system. In this section, a brief overview of the healthcare or clinical decision support system is given. The system is immediately becoming an important tool for providers of healthcare as the quantity of the available information that maximizes responsibilities for delivering value-based care. The system is important in the reduction of the variations in the clinic related methods or procedures and the duplicative test, avoiding the complications as well as making sure the safety of the patients that may have some outcomes as the readmission in the expensive hospitals are the top priorities for the environment reimbursement as well as the providers within the modern regulatory environment as well as joining of the big data insights which are hidden and essential to attain the goals. The decision support system’s tools are premeditated for helping the sort through massive amounts of digital information for suggesting further treatment steps, making attentive the providers to available data they may not have caught the potential problems as well as not seen as the dangerous clinical interaction for medication (K. Rajalakshmi, et al., 2011).

Furthermore, the decision support system for healthcare industry is an application that evaluates the data for assisting the providers of the healthcare make the decisions as well as bring the improvement within the care of a patient. It is the variation of the decision support system commonly used for supporting business management. On the multiple factors of the patient-related data, a CSSD is now doing concentrating on the utilization of the management knowledge for getting the advice. The integrated workflows are enabled as well as the assistance is provided by the clinical support systems at the time of the care as well as offer some kind recommendations for the plan of the care (K. Kawamoto, et al., 2005).

1. Major Decision Support system used in industry

There are several decision support system in the health care industry, which is used in different phases of treatment of the patients and diagnose of the disease at initial stage. The healthcare decision support system (HDSS) decision support system is used for generating, deleting, and modifying the perspective of the issue with the help of better use of decision support systems on some logical basis. Chronic disease guideline support (CGS) determines that the diagnose phase of the disease based on the screening information and other information on all the aspects of his lifestyle. It is suggested guideline for health management. Gene-based health screening personalization (GBHSP) decision support system used to personalize the future expectation which is derived with the genetic record of the patient available in the hospital.

Furthermore, GBHSP gives the screening opportunity for the chronic disease which has genome code such as hyperlipidemia, stomach and colon cancer according to the information of the patient. Health screening personalization (HSP), is service which used in the screening most severe type of diseases such as liver cancer, breast cancer, and stomach cancer based on information provided to the hospital such as age, sex, family and other health issues which are stored in the HIS. It used in graphically representation of the health examination of individual to find out the issue and to treat it perfectly. Moreover, there is use of a CSC decision support system, which is considered as free text of medical, which is performed in labeling segmentation. The health care decision support system is categorized into the presentation layers, business logics, and data layers, which are significant in the health industry (J. I. Woo, et al., 2014).

2. Give an example of how a decision-problem is supported by a decision support system in this industry.

In the health care industry, there are lot of examples that are supported by the decision support system with the growth of health care industry in the medical field. In 1994, Bangemann EU report explained the example of implementing the decision support system which foresees that it is used in the cost-saving of health care issues in best services provided to the patients. The report shows how the industry improves the services in better way, which puts the patients at maximum ease to increase the efficiency of the dataset system. In Finland, the ministry of health enforces a strategic plan according to the decision support system, which was beneficial for the cost-effectiveness and economical in the industry of health to care the social services in the visions of implementation of the cost of treating the issues. There are several other examples in the health industry which used decision support system in problem-solving. There is example of Blood glucose screening level is the tool of major support systems used in the health care organization, major obesity, and bad eating habits are the main reason for having severe diseases like Hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. The screening rates of the diabetic and known diabetic patient in 3 years is 8388.for lipid screening between the overweight persons and normal-weight persons overall, 70% of persons were screened. After having a lipid screening test of the diabetic patient, it is concluded that 85% of persons over the age of 45 had a chance of increasing blood glucose levels. It is the major decision support system in the health organization (R. Bose, 2003).