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Tittle: Report of the Labview software

Type: Report

Subject: Engineering


Abstract of the Labview software

The lab report is about the Labview software, whereas by using the Lab view software, measure the resistance of the thermistor, which is relative to its temperature. There are different three objectives of the lab experiment, as shown in the below section of the objective. There are eight sections of the Lab report. In the first section that is Introduction, in this section first of explained about the Labview software, then thermistor and DAC. In the first section, the 2nd points are Objective, and there is three objectives which performed in three days according to the proper requirements. In the 2nd section, the literature views the explained, in this section studies of different author for the regarding the DAC, thermistor and the Labview is explained. The 3rd section is experimental; in this different equipment’s is used to operate these experiments. In the 4th section of the lab experiment, “results” different equations about the experiment where we find the value of resistance is explained. There are two graphs shown in the below results sections, and the graph is between the temperature and voltage and temperature and resistance. In the 5th section of report, the comparison of the literature review and the results sections explained because it discussed the different studies. In the 6th section of report “Conclusion” summarizes all result of the report. And on the 2nd, the last section of the report is future work and recommendations about the Labview, thermistor, and DAC. And in the last section of the report, there is some references which support the studies.

Keywords: Labview, Thermistor, DAC, Resistors, Temperature, Voltage

1. Introduction of the Labview software

LABVIEW is the “Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench,” which is a system to design the development and platform environment for the visual programming language from National Instruments. Labview is key innovations that are also used for graphical diagrams as compared to their lines, and it also creates it's more intuitive for excellent parallel programming. Whereas Labview is used for instrument control, data acquisitions, and the automation of industrial for the variety of operating systems, which is also involved Microsoft Windows, UNIX, macOS, Linux. There are the following benefits of the Labview software;

• Future Proofed technology

• Increased productivity

• Third-Party Ecosystem & Hardware integration

• Learning resources [1]

Figure 1: Labview Front panel

DAC stands for “Digital to Analog Converter,” which is also known as D2A, D-to-A, D/A. In electronic, it is systems, which convert the digital signals to the Analog signals. There are different architectures of the DAC, which is suitable for the particular application that is determined through the merit figure, involving the resolution, sampling frequency. The implementation of the reconstructor and are the DACs, which is much simpler as

compare of the ADCs, and it is also correspondingly cheaper. The digital binary code is always converted into the for Analog input that might be voltage or current. In the below figure, it presents the n-bit DAC [2].

Figure 2: n-bit DAC

Thermistor is the resistors that change with the temperature. The low-cost temperature sensitive for the resistor is constructed by the thermistor which is the solid semiconductor that also exhibits negative and positive temperature coefficient. The devices, which are positive temperature coefficients engineers, are mostly used in , thermistor. The high sensitivity of the thermistor is always allowed for the detection of the variations of temperature that could also not observed through the detector of resistance temperature. By increasing the temperature of the resistance detection temperature, the coefficients of the thermistor do not decrease [3]. The resistance of the thermistor is dependent on the temperature, and it is a combination of the “resistor” and “Thermal,” which is made up of by metallic oxides and pressed into the disk, bead.