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Tittle: How did you learn that _________ has a disability? (Who was present? When did this happen?) If you were giving advice to professionals who need to explain to a parent that his/her child has a special need, what would that advice be?

Type: Online Exams

subject: HRM


I found that Mr. XYZ is suffering from the emotional disturbance from the time when he was a kid. The symptoms for the said disturbance appeared when he was at school. In the parent-teachers meeting his class teachers told the child’s father that he is lacking in the acquisition due to the emotional disturbance. Also, the child needs the motivation for the academic learning purposes. I suggest that for explaining the disability to the parents, the daily activities can better be noticed and delivered along with the performance parameters.

1. How did you feel when you received the diagnosis?

Me and my family had the bad feelings related to after effects of diagnosis for the disability. I found that the child behaved normally in his early childhood.

2. Have your feelings changed since the initial diagnosis? Describe.

I and my family got worried after the initial diagnosis of the emotional disturbance. This disability needs to be catered through the precautionary measures and the treatment.

3. What have been the positive aspects of having a child in the family with a disability?

I was provided with answer that having the disability does not mean losing the productivity to the tasks as well as the goals achievements. Rather, the people with disabilities serve as the example for the other people in the family.

4. What have been the problems or challenges you have experienced having a child with a disability?

I have to focus more on enhancing the learning capabilities of the child in the challenging circumstances. I have to spend more time on him in order to make the child to grab the concepts appropriately.

5. How did your other children react to learning their brother/sister had a disability? What impact has __________ had on them? (if appropriate)

The siblings had to show more concerns for their brother’s disability. They are to guide him more as compared if he was normal.

6. What kinds of support have been most helpful to you (family members, parent groups, neighbors, other)? How would you prioritize your family needs and the areas in which you feel that you need more assistance?

I found my family members, neighbors and the relatives so much supportive in this regard. They guided my disabled child in every aspect i.e., the help he needed for clear understanding of the concepts.

7. What have been your experiences in working with school personnel? What have they done that has been most helpful? What have they done that was least helpful or even harmful?

At present, the school personnel are treating my child as per his mental capacities. They are serving to be the helping mentors for making my child to have more interests towards learning.

9. How could the school help your child transition to adulthood?

As my child is having the emotional disturbance problem, the school and its staff can better help my mentally disabled children to walk through the life paths. Life is all about the difficulties but a helping hand can assist to get rid of the difficulties and the complex situations. The school management can provide my child with the environment where he can learn the concepts the way he wants.