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Tittle: Marketing Report of Coca Cola (Diet Coke)

Type: Report

Subject: Marketing




Executive Summary of Coca Cola (Diet Coke)

This marketing report discusses the present marketing situation of Diet Coke in the market; it is the product from the Coca-Cola Company and has a no-calorie beverage and targeting the young millennials or adults. The companies are creating or focus on the product to balance the caloric need for the consumers. Thus, Diet Coke is the top-selling product in America because it is known as the low-calorie soft drink. However, the report discusses customer behavior, segmentation that the main target of the company is millennials and therefore, Diet Coke introducing flavors every year and there are ads to attract new customers. Positioning and branding analysis is also done that it is for the healthy diet consciousness and it is the product that is compatible with consumers' lifestyles.

Moreover, analysis of the marketing toolbox, marketing strategy evaluation, emerging trends is also done that how the attention of millennial's youth can be grasped in the future because they are more possessive about their health. It is suggested to the company that there is the need to enhance the coloring scheme and the company should find a healthy alternative of sugar. It is analyzed or concluded that Diet Coke is managing the successful differentiation strategy in terms of packaging of Diet Coke and also the development and innovation

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 2

List of Figures 5

1. Introduction 6

2. Customer Behavior and Segmentation 7

Customer Behavior 7

Segmentation 7

Geographic segmentation 8

Demographic segmentation 8

Psychographic segmentation 9

Behavioral segmentation 9

3. Positioning and Branding Analysis 9

Positioning 9

Branding Analysis 10

4. Value Analysis 11

5. Marketing Tool Box 13

Product 13

Price 13

Place 13

Promotion 14

6. Marketing Strategy Evaluation 14

Widespread Marketing Strategy 15

Sugar-free differentiation 16

Pricing decision 16

Competition Based 17

7. Emerging Trends 17

8. Suggestions 18

9. References 19

List of Figures

Figure 1: Industry value growth 7

Figure 2: Positioning of the Diet Coke 9

Figure 3: Diet Coke positioning “Multisegment” 10

Figure 4: Diet Coke sales overtake classic Coke 11

Figure 5: Impact of Diet Coke rebrands 11