International Management Culture Strategy And Behavior 9th Edition Test Bank

Posted By Admin @ Feb 25, 2022

Tittle: Situational Analysis and Diagnosis of organizational strategy

Type: Report

Subject: Organizations


Situational Analysis of organizational strategy

 The current case study is related to the history, organizational strategy as well as the existing information system along with the infrastructure for a medium-sized & privately owned hospitality firm. It is intended to provide the substantial background data required for engaging the information management systems (IS) successfully, at the Outrigger Hotel & Resorts. It is headquartered in Hawaii. At present the said organization is making use of the information systems which is a part of the organizational strategy. The company’s case study basically provides with the appropriateness to the IS vision, architecture for IS as well as the plan for implementing the IS as a strategy. The main aim behind the case study is to provide with the directions for making use of the IS resources. The company has the ability to adapt the other existing approaches for the information management systems. It is all dependent on the organizational flexibility.

 There are several departments of Outrigger Hotel & Resorts. The huge number of customers as well as the competitors exists for the said organization. This is the era of information technology. Everything needs to be equipped with the advance and the latest technology. The implementation of the information system, for the business operations by the company under consideration, is the plus point as per the current requirements of the era. It is well-equipped with the IT structure along with the effective IT-related strategies. The performance of IS infrastructure is better done through the information assessment systems. The strategic IS planning is desirable for any organization.

Outrigger Hotel & Resorts intends to provide the customers with a remarkable experience instead of the provision of the cookie-cutter approach. It provides the customers with the services related to condominiums, hotels as well as the properties related to the vacation resorts. The series of hotels & resorts include as given: OHANA Hotels & Resorts, Outrigger Hotels & Resorts, Embassy Suites, Outrigger Condominium Collection, and Best Western as well as Wyndham vacation ownership. The other significant thing about the company is the use of the outsourcing services.

 In the pacific region, on the islands of Hawaii, the fastest growing organization is the Outrigger. As per the needs and the requirements of the customers, the company’s portfolio has been diversified by the higher authorities of the organization. For the purposes of decent experiences, the company aims at providing the best hospitality to the leisure travelers. The things that make the company to stand out as compared to the competitors include the diversified portfolio, selection of the location for the property along with excellent distribution services, a strong association with the whole sellers, an effective strategy for the pricing & the marketing, and lower employee turnover.