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Posted By Admin @ Feb 25, 2022

Title: Understanding misunderstanding in source code

Type: Report

Subject: educations


 It can be noted that there are many humans that are involved in making huge mistakes in source code. These mistakes may be little or maybe huge, but the main thing is that it is extremely difficult to identify it properly. Sometimes these mistakes are not common, and it is extremely difficult to understand in a proper way for the human. The reason is that these misunderstandings are not common for the coder. There are some reasons that are involved in carrying these mistakes. It may be caused by little faulty patterns that are present in the code. Moreover, another thing is that all of these patterns are used to identify the code patterns. It is extremely difficult for the programmer to identify the code patterns and it may confuse him by introducing a complete set of atoms of confusion.

In this paper, the author is involved in providing a proper experiment with different participants. They were asked to generate the code pattern again, and due to this, there is a huge rate of misunderstanding in the source code. Then after this, there is an analysis of the larger confusing program that is measure with different participants.

The author is explaining the source code in detail with comprehensive information. The main purpose of the source code is that it is just communicating in the program instruction for the machines. The author is also explaining the challenges that are faced by the programmer during understanding.

The best thing about the paper

The ideal thing about the paper is that it is well written by the author. You can easily get any information about the source code and its characteristics from this paper. There is complete information about how this work is presented and how the source code can be analyzed properly. The author starts everything with the basic and then there is complete information about the code. For this paper, the researchers have collected misunderstandings from different codes. Another best thing is that the author has also given some important definitions that are related to the source code. This shows that if the programmer has sound knowledge about these terms, then it will become extremely easy for the programmer to understand the code.

For this paper, the identification of atoms is the main part of this paper, and there is comprehensive information about these atoms. Also, the results that are presented in this paper are analyzed in a proper way. The author is discussing these results properly with a complete analysis.

A few consideration

Although the paper is good, but there are some important points missing. Like the author is not explaining the importance of source code and new different software applications that are used for the understanding of this code. Overall the paper is giving sound information about the terms related to source code.

Final words

I can say that if someone wanted to understand the source code and its misunderstanding, then this paper is perfect.