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Tittle: Case Study of Corporate Social Responsibility in Southwest Airlines.

Type: Case Study

Subject: Corporations




History of Corporate Social Responsibility in Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Co. which launched on March 15, 1967, has famous as the main American airline with its head office located in Dallas, Texas. This airline company was listed as one of the biggest low-cost airline companies in whole over the world. Southwest Airlines has been enduring to distinguish itself from other airline companies with excellent Customer Service provided by its 57,000 employees in serving about 120 million passengers each year. Southwest Airlines has invented Transfarency, which is a tool to define the purposed values of the airline company in treating all of its customers with honest and fair manners, along with the remaining low fares (Southwest.com, 2019). In fact, Southwest Airlines is the main airline company in the United States that offering the ‘bags fly free’ service to all of its customers. In addition to this, Southwest Airlines has known as the airline company which launched extraordinary affordability era in the aviation market industry. This act that named by the United States Department of Transportation as “The Southwest Effect” which aims to lower the flight tickets fares and escalate the passenger traffic in each destination. This is aligned with the main purpose of Southwest Airlines which mentioned as “to connect People to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel” (Southwestonereport.com, 2018).

Corporate Social Responsibility of Southwest Airlines

 Southwest Airlines has been always giving its effort in maintaining its Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. One of examples of how the airline company has been involving Corporate Social Responsibility in its business activities is related to the commitment of Southwest Airlines in pursuing sustainability along with environmental efficiency. For this, the airline company has launched its ‘Evolve’ campaign with redesigning its 737-700 aircraft. This process of redesign was including in the replacement of the leather seats along with additional interior materials with sturdy and environment-friendly products. From this redesign process, the airline company had to discard huge volume of leather, and thus, Southwest Airlines needed to figure out an innovative purpose for it. Hence, the airline company came up with upcycling alternative with a purpose to only deliver positive impact from this ‘Evolve’ campaign on the societies. The massive volume of leathers that have been removed from the aircraft donated by the airline company to some organizations in whole over the world. One of them was mentioned as SOS Children’s Villages Kenya, a place where youth adults apprenticed in the leather works and designed 2,100 pairs of shoes. Then, all of the shoes again donated to the SOS villages, and also Ahadi Trust which is a part of anti-jigger campaign. Some of those shoes also delivered to Cura Orphanage, which is housing for many children who eventually lost their parents due to AIDS (DUNBAR, 2015).

 Moreover, Southwest Airlines has been performing its business activities within ethical and social responsible manners which presented as a good citizen with its passengers. For this reason, the airline company has provided a wide arrangement of opportunities for all of its employees to become professionals by establishing internal training programs. In fact, Southwest Airlines has always been motivating the employees to lengthen their knowledge with involve in some external training as for their relevant fields. The company has enhanced as well the Leadership courses to involve the content of sustainability. Along with these courses, the mentors will discuss around sustainability, the fuel utilization, along with its effect on their greenhouse gas emissions and change of the climate as well. The airline company even has established some extraordinary initiatives with the main purpose to reduce emissions and also to support its recycling programs. There is also environmental planning made in each year for the operational teams that integrate the prevention of stormwater, appropriate disposal of waste, air license compliance, as well as the drinking water compliance included in each aircraft for the employees (Tourism4sdgs.org, 2018).