Nurs 6650 Midterm Exam Questions And Answers

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Title: Assignment on Humanized robots

Type: assignment

Subject: IT


Humanized robots




The company bowers machine parts were developed by Jake who was the father of Helen. Now Helen takes over all the responsibilities of the organization. Jake was very loyal with its all employees and take special care for its all employees. Before death, the employees were working in a very effective manner as they provide huge production to the organization and also consider that this was their organization. They all were taking part in the decision-making process and also give their suggestions for making the decision better. The leadership style Jake adopts follows the complete support of its all employees. Jake work as an employee with its all staff and support them and also gave them the respect due to their performance (Snow, 2002).

No any organization or company can run its operations without the support of the employees and employees only give their complete support and efforts when the senior management consider them as part of the organization and also get involve them in all operations of the organization and also involve them in decision making process of the organization because they are working in internal part of the organization and they know every well all the pros and cons of the operations and also provide complete information to improve the operations. Employees also want some importance and they also want rewards against their efforts so they will provide their maximum efforts and also utilize their experience for the benefit of the organization. It is up to the senior management of the organization and executives that how to treat with your employees and how to deal with them in such a way that it would become beneficial for the organization and they also show their loyalty for the organization with their work and experience (Robert, 2017).


Helen gives more attention to the profitability of an organization instead of on employees and their benefits. She didn't want to treat the employees as family and consider them as a hired person who just gives their services against some remuneration and nothing else. So she wants to increase the level of production and profitability of the organization and also promote the production level to meet the requirement of the international market. There are many different Japanese and strong competitors who also enter the market that provides high-quality products and also have a strong reputation in the international market. So Helen wants to compete with such competitors and also gets the maximum market share and she also wants to develop its reputation at a high level and she wishes that her organization consider the best organization that provides machine parts all over the world and also enhances the profitability of the organization. But her father's style of working was completely different as compared to Helen. Her father considered all the employees as part of the organization. He fully relies on the employees and also gave many benefits to employees so employees also show they completely trust him and they spend their all efforts and hard work. But now the whole situation is going to change. Helen develops limitations for the employees and they never take part in all the operations more than their limit (A. Sciutti, 2018).