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Type: Report

Subject: Business and marketing


Business idea

• Brief name/title

• Area of business

• Market needs

• Market problem/opportunity • In order to conduct feasibility analysis It have been selected TANZIF company. It will Omani company that offers the services related to cleaning in the entire states of the Oman.

• TANZIF belongs to cleaning industry that will offer the quite ease and comfort to their valued customers.

• Due to the rapid growth of technology; men rely upon the robotics life and he have not time to spend with his routine work. So the cleaning services has become the needs of the market.

• TANZIF will be the good opportunity for the market in order to overwhelm the problems of the market.

Type of business:

• Service • TANZIF is the Omani company that will be offer the services in order to building cleaning, packing of the materials and unloading and loading of the goods. It will offer several other relevant services to their valued customers. TANZIF is known as the reliable maintenance specialist along with the proven track road and effective path to attain is strategicgoals and objective that are established in this company.TANZIF will undertakes various contracts that are relevant to the goods loading maintained. It also includes unloading in order to generating the smoother workflow for the numerous companies. It will offer the various servicesrelated to the cleaning.

Brief description:

• Describe your product/service

• What you are intending to do

• What your business will be about

• Who will be your customers

• How many competitors are available?

• Successful factors

• Are there any threats? • TANZIF will be committed to offering the high quality of the services related to the cleaning; particulars for the business sector of the Sultanate of Oman and its surrounding areas.

• TANZIF is aimed at to offer the high quality services and upgrade the satisfaction level of their valued customers.

• TANZIF is about to offering the services related to maintenance and cleaning of their various sectors.

• There are the numbers of the customers in the market that are seeking for availing the services in this manners these are; office buildings, Factories and industrial facilities, hospitals and medical offices, super hypermarkets, software Hi-Tech companies and short term cleaning.

• There are the numbers of the competitors who are offering similar services in the markets of the Sultanate of Oman and these are; REMAS, East dreams.

• The successful factors for the TANZIF is the sound economy good environment of the sultanate of Oman.

• The competitors of the TANZIF are the one of the most important and biggest threat for the achievements of the company.

Student names and IDs ID Name

1. Customers.

• There are the numbers of the users that are seeking for such kinds of the offering in order to accommodate their lives and getting more comfort services.TANZIF will deals with the individual customers on domestic level as well as this services will be offers to various industries such as;office buildings, Factories and industrial facilities, hospitals and medical offices, super hypermarkets, software Hi-Tech companies and short term cleaning.

• The will be used these services/ offering by contacting with the company personally as well as by using the various innovative links of the social sites.

• There are the numbers of the potential customers of the TANZIF. It includes the various industries and SMEs that are annoying from the working of their sweeper.

2. Offering

• I have an idea for the services and products that must be offered to the valued customers. But the categories of the products must be enhanced. There must be services related loading and unloading services. I also include the services related to the packing and unpacking.

• Yes we will offer the combination of the one or more things and it include the cleaning of other floor services for instance surfaces tat are contains on the polished and non-polished concrete, floor of natural stone and numerous ceramic floor surfaces.

• The essential key features of the TANZIF are includes as the understanding for the cleaning of Unique environment. The other key features of the TANZIF 24*7 cleaning services of the grocery stores and the cleaning of other retailing department stores.

• The customer safety is the top priority of the TANZIF. It struggles for offering the accurate services to their valued customers. The most cost effective solution will be provided by the TANZIF for the cleaning needs of the customers by using the various kinds of the chemical and equipment of the floor cleaning.

3. Value proposition. Explain why your product or service will be important to the customers.

• The services of the TANZIF will be the important for their valued customers because it will achieve the customer satisfaction level by providing its quality services with unique solutions for accommodating their customers. They buyers and customers of theTANZIF will be motivated by the unique services of this organization and they will be loyal with this.

4. Core competencies.

• Yes the services of the TANZIF will be conations on the new and innovative technologies by using the various kinds on the cleaning tools and chemicals for the solutions of the heavy cleaning in industries and domestic purposes.The most cost effective solution will be provided by the TANZIF for the cleaning needs of the customers by using the various kinds of the chemical and equipment of the floor cleaning.

• Yes, it will based upon the intellectual property and it will protected by the core of the heart and the owners of the organization will take care of its business in effective manners.

5. People. Identify the key people on the team who will launch this business.

• TANZIF will also follows the infrastructure of the Hierarchal organization system. The internal stake holders of this organization will start from the CEO, head of departments, Manager, Supervisor and worker. One of our friends and my business partners has offer the idea of this venture.

• Yes, they have the skills and knowledge needed to successfully turn the idea into a start-up venture.

• Yes, they attract key team members who will fill in any gaps in knowledge, skills, and experience.

Feasibility Analysis:

1. Industry and Market Feasibility

The first step in assessing industry attractiveness is to paint a picture of the industry in broad

strokes, assessing it from a “macro” level.

1. Sociocultural factors

If the social factors of the Oman will be measured for running the TANZIF in the economy of the Oman than it will measure the skills and demographic level of the population. It also explains the power structure in the society. All of these things are in the favor of the TANZIF. The social culture factors will be fruitful for the operations of the TANZIF in the sultanate of Oman.

2. Technological factors

As Oman is the one of the developed country and it is the oil rich country in the Gulf States. The technological environments of the companies are in the favors of the TANZIF because in order to promoting the services and offerings the TANZIF the new and innovative tools and techniques can be utilized that can be the cause of the promotion of the products and services in the entire region of the Oman.

3. Demographic factors

Oman has been changing as a country in so many ways. Majority of population of the country is living in Oman. The data has revealed that number of expatriates in Oman is more than 2 million. The country has been transformed since 1970s, as government has worked on so many important things, like education. They have done this to produce domestic workforce, rather relying on the workforce from outside. However, it is important to mention here that TANZIF does not have to care too much about demographics, because demographics are not extensively critical for them.

4. Economic factors

It is important to know that the economy of Oman is oil based economy, as it is also one of the Gulf countries, which is rich in oil. As per statistics, the score for economic freedom of Oman is 61%. It is one of the major economies in the Middle East region standing at 7th rank. The government has been working hard to come up with new ways to increase production of oil so they can increase their market share. It is interesting to know that the country has not put any individual income tax on its citizens. Overall, the people are good enough to handle their living expenses and luxury etc. The strong economy of Oman is a good sign for TANZIF as people will be able to afford their services (, 2019)

5. Political and legal factors

It is critical for every business to have a stable political environment to thrive; otherwise it gets difficult for them to boost and sustain their business. The stable political environment is crucial for success of any new or existing business. So, the good news for TANZIF is that Oman has political freedom as well as stability, which is required to keep things on the right track. The government facilitates business community to excel and come up with great results. This is how TANZIF can boost their business. Moreover, legal factors are also welcoming for businesses, as the country is trying to promote businesses to boost economic activity (Times of Oman, 2015)