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Tittle: Ethics is a code of standards that a person, organization and/or profession adopts that governs fair conduct and actions (i.e., honesty) within that environment. In terms of leadership, it is usually assumed that leadership and ethics go hand-in-hand. Do you believe this is the case? Can a leader be a sound, responsible leader if he or she lacks a strong code of ethics? Why or why not? Be sure to give examples.

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Subject: Organizations / Leadership


For any organization, it is important that every member of it is performing his duty according to the ethical consideration. In any organization, it can be noted that there are some workers that are not working according to ethics. But it is extremely hard to see a leader of the organization lacks a strong code of ethics.

The leader is responsible for managing all-important tasks of the organization under its code of ethics. Now, if a leader of the organization lacks an important code of ethics, then these leaders are not strong. The reason is that the leader is that person in any organization that is followed by whole members. Now according to the main condition, if a leader lacks any important code of ethics, then it will be not considered as a professional or responsible leader.

This can be explained through the help of an example. In the code of ethics of the company, it is mentioned in a proper way that everyone has to come early at the office before the 9’o clock. Now, if the leader of the organization is not following it and always comes late for work. The other workers are always coming on time. Due to the professional behavior of the leader, other members will also come late at the office and don’t pay attention to the code of ethics. Due to this, the organization will be unable to complete the main tasks on time and may result in failure.

On the other hand, the next example can be considered from gender discrimination. In the code of ethics, there is proper information about the behavior of the other gender. If the leader is also misusing this code of ethics, then he will be unable to provide justice to the other members of the organization.

All of these examples show that the leader lacks the important code of ethics; then, he will not be a professional leader.

Question 2

Describe an ethical dilemma you confront in your current work, social, home, community or spiritual setting or one you have witnessed in the news. Make sure you identify what is unethical and why this is the case.

At the current work, the organization that is located in the USA was struggling with one of the important ethical issues that are related to race discrimination. I have seen that in this organization, there is no proper rights were given to the black people. If there is any issue in their work, then the manager always put huge plenty for them. This situation is extremely unethical for me in this organization. These black people were terminated from the organization on their small mistakes. If anyone is working with proper duty, but the manager does not appreciate his efforts.

In this case, the organization is a whistleblower that is showing unethical behavior with its employees. Their employees were involved in building trust by knocking down the others. This kind of behavior is not good for the other members of the organization. Due to this, the organization is unable to take important risks because their employees were involved in many unethical activities.

In this news, I have identified the ethical issue in this organization that is related to the behavior of their employees was unethical and they are not doing proper work for the company. Such actions from their employees are totally unethical for the organization (Knowledge.wharton.upenn, 2019).

Question 3

What do you covet in terms of your own code of ethics as a growing leader?

As a growing leader, one of the most important things is that he have to follow all code of ethics in an efficient way. There are some ethical leadership characteristics that every growing leader has to follow. In a growing leader, these characteristics played a major role in building a permanent leader that can easily rule the organization or also the country. From them, the most important one is related to justice, if the growing leader is completely fair and gave a good decision that is based on truth.

This shows that the leader is promoting equality with his employees. The growing leader has to respect the feelings of others. The reason is that if he gave respect to other, then others will also give it back to him. Such ethical behavior will easily move him towards an astonishing result for the future.

The next trait is related to honesty, and the growing leader will get fame extremely at a fast rate if he was honest and loyal with his work. This is also one of the important characteristics of a growing leader.

Question 4

How can a leader best communicate an organizations' ethical norms to employees?

A good leader is able to promote or communicate the main ethical norms of the organization to its employees in a proper way. For that case, there are some means the good leader is able to use it for promoting ethical norms

The first means is related to leading them by giving an example. For that, the leader of the organization has to model all ethical norms that their employees must have to follow in the organization. For demonstrating the ethical norms of the company, the leader has to create the code of ethics for the organization, and then after this, the leader has referred proper staff that will give a demonstration about the code of ethics. The leader has to set the reward for the person that is showing good ethical behavior in the organization. Moreover, the leaders have to promote that employee that is working under the code of ethics.

The next mean is that the leader has to provide different resources that are able to give strength to these ethics. For that, the leader has to organize training and workshops for the recognition of the main ethical issues of the organization. Moreover, the leaders have to arrange different meetings and seminars that will help the employees to gain more information about the code of ethics of the company.

The next means the leader is able to use for communication is asking the employees for writing their personal code. Through this means the leader is able to gain an idea about the decisions from their employees. With the help of personal code, it will become extremely easy to communicate with their employees about ethics. Also, the leader of the organization is able to plan the ethical issue by gaining information from their employees.