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Posted By Admin @ Feb 25, 2022

Tittle: Discussion on Health Policymaking in Selected Country

Type: Course

Subject: Healthcare


World Health Organization performs different research regarding health policies in different countries of world at national level. Like China, Canada, and Sweden. As we all know that WHO gives priority to health issues as they share many health knowledge and guidelines and operate different health departments and projects in more than 150 countries of the world. As well as WHO considers many diseases and make report on them like AIDS, MALARIA, TUBERCULOSIS etc

In China, many health Centres were opened to prevent people from some specific diseases and infections. Like cancer, diabetes, hypertension etc. Moreover, half of the population of china smoke and use other poisonous material that causes health issues.

As well as in Canada, many health insurance plans were introduced to provide health safety specifically to the employees working in the organizations against small amount of premium;

In Sweden the government made many laws and policies related to the health issues and also organized a committee that will check the implementations of such laws and policies. The Health care system in Sweden is automatic as the government shall directly provide finance to the ill person from its treasury or from the amount of taxes paid by the general public.