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Tittle: Discussion on Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) and its Challenges

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 It is a fact that technology is coming up with great innovations, which are transforming different fields. Air traffic is increasing with the passage of time, so new technological advancements are needed to handle matters related to air traffic. One such new technology is Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), which is a surveillance system. ADS-B is a system, which not only has situational awareness, but it also provides information regarding the aircraft’s location automatically. The system is certainly a great one to be implemented until 2020, but there is one big problem associated with this system, which is the lack of any security system. The default ADS-B system does not have any security protocols, which means that all the information carried through ADS-B is vulnerable (Strohmeier, Schäfer, Lenders, & Martinovic, 2014)

 It is important for the ADS-B system to have some security features so that data and information are not vulnerable, and it is reached to the ground with correct stats, otherwise, consequences can be severe. There can be various solutions to deal with this problem, and this problem must be resolved to make it effective, otherwise, its implantation has no real benefits as intended. One possible solution could be the use of cryptography in the current ADS-B system as it can help to make its security better with the help of a digital signature algorithm. Such an algorithm can help to make its security better in so many ways (Wesson, Humphreys, & Evans, 2014)

 If the cryptographic method does not work, then the ADS-B system will have to explore more methods, which can be used to integrate some security measures into it. There are various methods being explored to make data more secure having sensitive information about aircraft and their locations. Otherwise, anyone can buy a relevant receiver to get the data from the ADS-B system. One solution has been proposed by Richard Agbeyibor, who was the Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. He came up with a method named “format-preserving encryption”, which can be used to secure the transmission of large data packets, and these data packets will not face any threat or interference from outside (Ramsdell, 2014)

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