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Posted By Admin @ Feb 24, 2022

The government intervention to differentiate among the different type of the entrepreneurs will help the government to support the entrepreneurs that are more adavnatageable for the economy.

Government Intervention:

Entrepreneurship has emerged as one of the most important factor and is the main focus of the public policy. Entrepreneurship is basically the engine of the economic growth of the country and it also helps in the employment creation as well on a broad system over the regional, local and the national level. To expand these strategies in the country including the innovation, entrepreneurship and the unemployment is necessary. These strategies help to overcome the problems of the entrepreneurship and helps the citizens of the people to take part in the encouragement of the different strategies include the entrepreneurship. One of the most common theme of the government policy is to stimulate the job and the economic growth of the country to overcome the problem of the unemployment. Over the past 35 years, in different part of the world the government has increased its interest in the small level business and in the entrepreneurships as to stable the country’s economy and to strengthen it and create new fields of the innovation, technology and the research in the country.