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Tittle: Personal identity and practice

Type: Essay

Subject: Educations




Personal identity and practice

Learning outcome 1 of Personal identity and practice

The self-managed or self-directed learning and approach can be described as a method in which individuals use the number of methods to improve the skills and become able to adjust in a diversified environment. In simple words, self-managed learning is a continuous process of updating the existing knowledge. Both terms of self-managed learning and self-directed learning demonstrate the same theme. Apart from the learning it also considers observation, self-study, researching, and self-assessment. The ongoing learning, as well as professional development, is necessary to enable a person to adopt new realities and new changes. With such kind of attributes, one can more flexible towards part-time working arrangements, it provides new opportunities, unable to deal with job insecurity. Continuity in the ongoing learning and professional development is important to ensure that a person is competent to the profession (Weiss, Nolan, Hunsinger, & Trifonas, 2007).

 Importance of ongoing professional development

The importance of self-managed learning and ongoing professional development is mentioned below,

1. It helps in becoming efficient and strengthening the skills

2. It enables a person to learn more about the field of interest and get more information about the selected field

3. It enables to develop an attitude of learning new Idea new information

4. It improves the analytical and interpersonal skills of a person and makes a good problem solver

5. Develops an attitude to learn more about the pathway that leads to success in life

6. Help in becoming a master in the skill that is required to be developed

7. Improve the level of responsibility, assistant in time management, resource allocation, organizing efforts, and to improve contacts.

8. Extensively used method to improve self-managed learning and ongoing professional development is to have intensive information through the newspaper, internet, seminar, and conferences (Ellaway, 2005; Barajas, 2003).

My skills and competencies to meet the expectation of the employer

I am focusing to develop an attitude of listening to others with full concentration and acquire knowledge from their conversation. This attitude will enable me to learn more about the attitudes of skilled employee and more knowledge about my field of interest. In free time I prefer to listen to a podcast related to motivational speeches, personal development, listening to others, taking knowledge from the seniors, and learning from previous experiences. I am focusing to improve my communication skills. I have analyzed that most often I learn the things in a better way if I have quality time to spend on myself or if I am alone. There are multiple ways and strategies to improve knowledge and skills, but I prefer to learn from the internet, reading books, having a valuable discussion with my friends, and by attending conferences and seminars of professional development and interpersonal skills. I consider conferences as a good source of knowledge and skills, but it requires a power of concentration on the facts and attitudes of successful people. I conduct self-assessment on a regular basis in which I evaluate my skills. I have identified the areas in which I need to crack myself and to develop more skills. I need to improve time management and presentation skills so I will be able to present my work and skills in a more professional attitude. Simply time management is essential to make myself a responsible person. By having a proper investment of time on my skills I have improved my interpersonal skills. Now I can convince people by providing my information efficiently and confidently. I believe that my improvement in skills and knowledge would ultimately lead to success.