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Tittle: Report on Haya Water Company Oman

Type: Report

Subject: Business





Haya Water Company Oman 1

Haya Water Company Oman 3

Executive summary 3

Introduction 3

Key financial information 4

Competitors analysis 4

Key issues faced by the company 5

Market analysis 6

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Haya Water Company Oman

Executive summary of Haya Water Company Oman

The main objective of this report gives an analysis view of the financial position of the company and give a competitive view of the company according to the market situation. The report is also based on the financial information of the company during the past five years with the financial analysis and financial position of the company. There is also a discussion about

competitor’s position in the market. There is a section that describes the issues which are related to affect the company’s position in the current market. There is a portion of the study which describes the financial analysis of the company as relevant to the cost of total project in the past and current market. The study is related to the market analysis of Hayat Water Company and in the end, there is a conclusion and recommendation section about the company according to the market and competitor’s situation (S. Jaffar Abdul Khaliq, Ahmed, Al-Wardy, Al-Busaidi, & Choudri, 2017).

Introduction of Haya Water Company Oman

Haya Water is an Oman based wastewater company which was established in December 2002as a joint-stock company. The possession was wholly owned by the government of Oman. Haya water is also awarded by the government of Muscat as the best company to develop, design and implement the project of wastewater under the Royal decree to facilitate the Muscat. The basic purpose of haya water is to reuse wastewater from historical time. However, the project of reuse of the water is gaining importance before some decades who are increasing with the demand of population and daily need of the water which put a great impact on the natural water cycle of the region. There are several benefits to use these resources to save water for the next generation. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refers to the term wastewater as, “using wastewater or reclaimed water from one application for another application”. In Oman, haya water is a government based company which are dealing in operating the plant which is engaging in the reusing of water (M. S. Baawain & Sana).

The basic purpose of a company is to make Oman a company with a high standard of health and cleanliness. This could be possible if there is a proper system of sewerage to overcome the disease in the country. The secondary purpose of the company is also to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the water. Haya water seeks to get the benefits of planning about the area which executes the plan in the different areas of Muscat. The basic purpose of the Haya water is to get the goals set by the management to manage the wastewater to make Oman a healthy and green economy. The company had signed an agreement with the government for 30 years which will end in 2036. The services provided by the companies are sewage treatment plants (STP), pumping stations, bio-solid composting and yellow tanker services in Oman. The main strategy used by the company is treated effluent in past years. The research shows that there six possible options to make the effluents from wastewater through yellow tankers such as: