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Tittle: Case study on what to sell? What price to charge? Ask the data

Case study



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1. Identify how information can be used to detect shopping patterns of customers. Discuss your answers in terms of sales growth, increased productivity and price reduction for those customers. Illustrate your answer with real life examples.

To identify the shopping patterns of the customers is one of the most important thing to run a business successfully, because if an organization or the supplier knows the needs of the customers then the supplier or the organization will deliver the products and the services up to the mark and according to the expectations of the customers. To identify the pattern of the customers some information is necessary. A real-life example of the Perfect Little Wedding company to identify the needs of the customer’s is as follows:

The perfect little wedding company is a c company that organizes the wedding functions according to the needs and the requirements of the bride and the groom but she needs to identify the customer pattern before arranging any wedding. To identify the customer patterns, she counts on the following steps:

Identify the customer needs:

Before stating any project, first of all identify the needs of the customer’s so that the customers can tell their requirements and you can deliver the products according to the needs of the customer’s. The perfect little wedding company firstly identify their customer needs and then start the wedding project.

Identify your customer’s:

The market research and the current trend will help you identify the customer needs more clearly. Then the second important thing is to identify the detail of the customers and the characteristics of the customer’s such as the:

• Occupation

• Age

• Gender

Identifying these things is necessary because when you are arranging a wedding ceremony, you should know what are the occupations and what are the age and the gender. This will help you to identify the budget of the customer’s moreover you can plan he wedding arrangements according to the age of the customers.

Understand why they choose your wedding company:

Understand the reasons why they chose your organization as a wedding planner, this will allow you to understand the strengths of the company and then y can improve your strengths more o attract more customers. The customers might prefer your organization:

• Due to the quick services you provide

• Because we fulfill the requirements of the customer

• Because we co-operate with our customers before doing any planning

• Because we take a close look upon the choices of the customers and what they need.

These are the basic things that why people choose our organizations.

Finding out about what customers think about our services:

To find out what customer thinks about our product is a necessary thing because this will help us to identify our strengths and the weakness and what things are more preferred by the customers and what things are least preferred by the customers. We ty to find out what our customer thinks about our:

• Products and the services

• Our competitors

• Our customer services

By knowing all these things, we came to know what are the differences between our competitors and what makes us different from our competitors.

Sales Growth of wedding company:

The customer patterns change with the sales growth as we put promotions on our wedding package, more customers are attracted towards us and due to more customer’s, our company leads to some of the top priorities of the customer’s in the market. Sales growth is an important part of any origination to succeed. When we increase our services and the this will automatically increase our sales growth of the wedding package to the different customer’s. But we are also taking care of the competitors out there that they might not introduce new wedding packages that are more reasonable and more attractive to the customers. So, we keep a balance by looking over the competitors’ strategies and the customer needs and providing the best services and wedding packages to the customers.

Increased Productivity of wedding company:

More customers mean more productivity and more innovation in the wedding packages for the brie and the groom. Because by identifying the current trends of the market and by taking different reviews from our current customer’s, we increase our productivity by developing more attractive wedding packages and then advertise those package sin the market so that more customers began to choose our Company. Increased Productivity is one of the important factor in the customer patterns because when the organization will come up with more innovative ideas and more customer care services in the market, this will attract the interested customers from all over the market and the productivity of the company will increase automatically.