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Tittle: Introduction of Faith Integration

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 In the New Testament, “Faith” as a term is used for translating “Pistis” which is a Greek word. Pistis is a belief with an idea of confidence or trust in God. Thus, it can be said that faith means belief, assurance, confidence, and trust. The Bible also explains this term as the substance of things which are hoped but even though they are not seen. In general, faith emerges in a person when he hasn’t received what he hoped for. In accordance with the Bible, faith is increased by seeking out and drawing closer to the Creator or God by studying His Word and praying. Faith represents the belief of a person in something that is not visible and a unique role is played by it. In fact, followers of different religions have faith in the teachings of that religion. Even though people don’t have seen the evidence of God’s existence, they still believe in Him and that is faith. Along with faith, there are religious concepts can be associated with finance and accounting (Habermas, 2010).

Faith and Life

 The concept of faith is rooted in the expectations of good things to be experienced by a person. Generally, it is confused with hope but there is a difference between the two concepts. It is possible that a person might lose hope but it is not like that with faith. For instance, while life can be tough, faith is the belief and knowledge that a time will come when all things will be better. In this context, optimism and satisfaction can also be related to faith. A person is optimistic about things and faith is supporting this optimism. Meanwhile, when a person has faith that circumstances will be better, he is satisfied with the current situation and is hoping for the better times. Thus, it can be said that faith is incorporated into every aspect of life.

Religion and Life of Faith Integration

It is the religion that instills this faith into people. Normally, religions are the primary sources of obtaining information and knowledge about faith. Each and every religion tells people that a person might experience difficult circumstances but it doesn’t mean that they will last forever. Rather than losing hope, a person should have faith in God and believe that these circumstances will turn better. Religions emphasize significantly on faith because it is the basic unit of every religion. For instance, Christianity requires people to have faith in Jesus or God, Islam requires people to have faith in Allah, and Hinduism requires people to have faith in Gods and Goddesses.

Religion is what provides information about reality and how humans are meant to operate in this environment. Without faith, a person is similar to a fish which is taken out of water. It can live properly in water but when it is expected to climb a tree and is told to do so, it won’t be capable of doing it. It is religion that tells us about the fact that freedom is generally not the absence of limitations or restrictions but finding the right ones. In accordance with Albert Einstein, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole live believing that it’s stupid.” (Dyess, 2011).

Joseph Piper also explains that freedom is not the absence of responsibilities or work but it is the ability of a mind to enjoy things and circumstances as they exist. As explained above, faith is concerned with the fact that current circumstances are not bad but they are good and will further improve in the future (Pieper, 1952).