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Tittle: The Discussion on Change Management Process

Type: Course

Subject: Change Management Process


Management should be well-aware about the happenings around them to know about the situation and making decision about that situation which is currently occurring in any organization. There may be internal and external challenges for the management about the future prediction. In the organizations of kingdom of Saudi Arabia change management is also needed as other countries need to change with time. There may be change in the management of company by the efforts of employees and consultants who are connected with the organization (R. Gill, 2002). These changes may be positive and may be negative in nature which are discussed below:

Positive contribution of Change Management Process

• To provide trainings to the staff with the changing requirement of the organization. Training provided to the employees are beneficial in a way to increase the efficiency of the employees which could help to increase the productivity of the company.

• Increase in salaries and bonus motivates the employees to get more work which will increase the output level of the organization.

• Consultants could refer to enforce the policies in the company which similar to other organization or other countries such as to implement the policy of vacations to the employees like European countries gives to their employees.

Negative contribution of Change Management Process

• Job rotation or redundancy by the management to overcome the cost of the organization.

• Trade restrictions with the countries who are against the dignity of Islam or sacred places of Saudi Arabia.

• Outsourcing and downsizing

 Senior management could implement according to the change management process which could be implemented in the organization with employee’s efforts (By, 2005). The change could be implemented by following these steps such as:

 Identify the drivers of the employment

 Spend time with the employees

 Apply good leadership style with meanings

 Motivate employees more than salary

 Create clear vision

 Measure output of the business

 Respect employee’s opinion

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