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The main current issue of the education system is Government funding for education, as we all are aware of these issues of the education system. All primary and secondary schools in our country are run by the funds that are paid by the government. And the government did not pay enough funds to run schools on the local level. And in our country, most of the people belong to lower-middle-class, and they can not afford the expense of the schools, and many children do not go to school. School safety is another issue in the education system, the terrorist attacks on the school in past years such as the attack on A.P.S school result in thousands of deaths, after seeing this incident parents get afraid, so these are the problems that were faced by students and teachers as well. Different technologies can be used nowadays in schools to make the study more interesting for the students. After all, the students are grown up in the era of digital technology; technology may enhance the learning process of the students. (Major issues in Education, 2018)

On the other hand, misuse of technology is the issue technology may distract the attention of the student, and he may get involved in different activities like using social media, etc. Bullying is another issue in the education system; some of the students in schools are bullying by other students of the school and class, which pays a lousy impact on the child and disturb his personality he may lose his confidence and not go school again if bullying would not be stopped on time. Poverty is the major issue in the education system; most of the children can not go to school just because their parents have not enough resources to send their children to school. Or either they join the school they get studied only to the primary and secondary level.

  Banking education is philosophy in the field of education given by the Brazilian philosopher Paulo Freire. Paulo Freire also is known as the father of Banking concept of education. The banking concept in education by Freire is the relationship between teacher and student. The banking concept is the teaching and learning method where students store the information that is given by the instructor.Freire described the environment of the classroom as the environment of a banking classroom, in which students provide the primary duty to recall only the information which is provided by your teacher. And in his philosophy, he said not to participate in the class in any other task. Just remember and repeat the information which is given by your instructor. In his approach he has seen the world static as accurate as the statistics equations are. In simple words, he makes students like robots to remember information mechanically. He explains the teaching method as depositing and teacher as depositor and student as depositaries. In the banking concept of education, the Freire presents teacher as the dictators and students as their slaves, and they have to obey their teacher. And they try to build the contradictions between teacher and student relationship. The banking concept does not admit the partnership between teacher and student. The role of students is undetermined, and the teacher has more power of oppression to serve the cause of liberation.The banking approach toward adult education he proposed students not become creative and critical thinkers to criticize reality or to criticize different issues in or out the classroom environment. Those who were using the banking approach, unknowingly or knowingly fail to perceive that students themselves contain contradictions about reality. But earlier, these contradictions may lead students formerly to turn against their domestication and the attempt to domestic reality. But later on, they may discover that they are on the wrong way to become fully human, and they then witness through their experiences that reality is the real process of learning something. Implementation of the banking concept is an assumption between human beings and the world. On the other side, bank-clerks educators do not know that there is no security in their role; they must learn how to live with others instead of being practical solidarity. Educators have to collaborate with other students through communication. Communication is the necessary concept for such an educator who guided fears proscribes communication. (Freire P. , 2014)

From a historical context, Humanists disagree with the banking concept because they are revolutionary and they did not materialize things like the banking approach students can be done. They put efforts to engage students on different topics in critical thinking and quest to combine humanization. They must put initiatives on people’s creativity and build trust in their creative power, To create a good relationship with their partners. (Paulo, n.d.)