Why Are Mathematicians Like Airlines Worksheet Answer Key

Posted By Admin @ Feb 24, 2022

Tittle: Should the government intervene to differentiate between different types of entrepreneurs?

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An entrepreneur is a person who wants to take the risks and who wants to set up a business and risk taking is major thing in the hope of the profit. He is promotor who understands the requirements of the market and planned to start a business according to the market requirements. They have the power to think differently and do the things differently. They have know how about the industry and they can also know how to exploit the knowledge in an industry and how to create different business opportunities in the country. The entrepreneurs share their ideas freely among people and they have the urge to learn and grow to get more experience in the business world (Bjornskov, 2008)

Entrepreneurs are the pillars of the country and due to their efforts and their knowledge and the experiences they can take the country to a next level. They are an important part of the country and the government should stand beside their sides in order to support them as they are supporting the country and they are leading the country with their efforts. The role of the government in the intervention of the different type of entrepreneurs is important.